Podcast 2013 Episode 18 – Sarah Solicits

Podcast logoThis week’s episode starts with Sarah claiming that she will beat me in an episode long bicker-fest. Cast your votes in the comments! (or don’t) Following that Sarah and I wrap up the Emakumeen Bira stage-by-stage and along the way Sarah makes a very bold prediction about who will win the Giro Rosa. She challenges me to come up with my prediction and then proceeds to pick it apart (in the nicest possible way). We also recap the Tulsa Tough racing in Oklahoma, the London Nocturne racing and the Woking race in the UK. Then Sarah goes on a massive love-fest for all things Downhill MTB which results in me begging her to promise that she will never, ever actually try downhill mountain biking, for her own safety and that of innocent bystanders and wildlife anywhere near the mountain at that time. I even go to the trouble of asking Swordpanda to illustrate why Sarah shouldn’t do it. (Spoiler alert: results below!) We also talk about Sarah’s new art project and how you can help to make beautiful art, and I briefly mention a great interview with Tracey Gaudry on the Australian cycling chat show, Cycling Central. Another jam-packed full of awesome episode waiting for you to press play. (1:19:09 MIN /  MB)

UPDATE:  We’ve also had confirmation from Twitter that Emma Johansson and Gracie Elvin will be on this week’s episode of Cycling Central, so Aussie fans make sure to watch it and we’ll point you towards the interviews when they’re available online.

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Things we talked about this week

This week’s racing

Sarah’s racing round-up on Total Women’s Cycling

The Emakumeen Bira

  • Video from the start of Stage 1

  • Tweets from riders about the apocalyptical Stage 1 conditions
  • It was Sharon Laws’ first stage race back after her  horrible accident.  Sarah interviewed her about the accident, recovery, women’s cycling in South Africa, and much more – click through to Podium Café and read it.  Here’s Sharon’s tweet after Stage 1:
  • Race reports and photos:
– Stage 1 photo-finish and reports & photos on womenscycling.net and photos on CJFoto
– Stage 2 on womenscycling.net, CJFoto and report on ORICA-AIS
– Stage 3 on womenscycling.netCJFoto and ORICA-AIS
– Stage 4 photo-finish, and reports/photos on womenscycling.net, CJFoto and ORICA-AIS – we liked this photo of the ORICA team on the podium
  • Video of the final General Classification podium:

  • Saul from Cobbles & Hills was tweeting live updates from the race over the weekend on @kapelmuur29, and he had lots of lovely photos (we’re impressed he hadn’t drowned!).  We loved it, so we were especially pleased that the riders loved it too.  Look what Evie Stevens gave him to say thanks:


The Tulsa Tough


The London Nocturne


The Woking round of the Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix at the UK Tour Series


The first Downhill MTB World Cup of the 2013 season – Fort William, 9th June 2013


This isn’t women’s cycling, but Dan thought it was very cool – answering the question of what’s faster, a peregrine falcon or a MTB rider:


Dan doesn’t think Sarah should ever try downhill MTB, and wanted Caroline Stewart, aka Swordpanda to draw possible consequences.  So she did!

Big thanks to Caroline!  We loved the drawing of a bike she did for us (scroll down!) and if you like it too, you can buy it on a t-shirt on her Zazzle shop!


Poor Ina-Yoko Teutenberg won’t be coming back to racing this season, as she’s still recovering from her Drentse 8 head injury.  We miss her, but we’re really glad she’s being as safe as possible, and hope she heals fully and well (and that someone will give her a job commentating the Giro Rosa, Tour de France and all the World Champs races!)  Here’s the Specialized-lululemon team statement, which includes:

“It’s been pretty hard for her. She’s been racing since she was six years old and she definitely doesn’t like being this sedentary. She also hates letting down her team. But she supports them for the sideline and this will give her a chance to recover fully and then make a decision later in the year if she’ll be back for another year of racing next year.”


Dan recommends everyone watch this interview on SBS Cycling Central with the President of the UCI’s Oceania Cycling Confederation, Tracey Gaudry. (This may be viewable in Australia only and the interview starts at the 9:55 mark)


Sarah would love it if you could tell her why you love cycling.  Thankyou!


Upcoming races

The Nature Valley Grand Prix, 12th-17th June 2013

The Val di Sole MTB World Cup – Cross country, Eliminator and Downhill, 13th-16th June 2013

The Giro del Trentino, 15th-16th June 2013


We didn’t mention this, because we saw them after we recorded…

  • And speaking of the Giro, here’s nnother promotional video for the Giro Rosa – with photos from last year’s Giro Donne:


13 thoughts on “Podcast 2013 Episode 18 – Sarah Solicits

  1. Wiggle & Gilmore are acting like they alone are Womencycling and there is nothing else in GB or the World.
    My gut feeling says Wiggle bought the race. Or thought they would win it with their golden girls but found their opponents where not amaturs and organisation (who rather sees a golden medal on their winners list went along happily)
    The Charlotte Becker affaire is smelly either I suspect they offered Becker a better contract mid-season and she accepted and then started a “fight” with Argos.

  2. So the Ina & Jens “Harden the fuck up” Cycling Show when they finally hang up the shoes. works for me. Hopefully they can do an on air hostile takeover from Carlton to start things off.

    I’ll cheer the Norwegies and say Elisa for the Giro Rosa, and stay Kiwi for the young rider, Georgia Williams to take it

    • That would be AMAZING!!!! I reckon Jens would gracefully admit Ina is tougher! the only problem would be persuading them not to commentate in German: “Harden the fuck up, learn another fucking language”

      • True, although I suspect the tone of voice would often leave little doubt as to what was being said. The post stage interviews are the thing I would look forward to most.

  3. OK, who paid off Brailsford..?? Never mind… 😉

    Evie’s my pick for the Giro Rosa. Emma J.’s got the hot form & the hot team so she will likely win it. But never count out that Dutch bike-crazy cycling queen! 😛

    Another great podcast, S. & D.!

  4. Yay I’m famous again :oD

    The Nocturne was a lot of fun, Gethin (@Gethin76) competed in the cyclocross race and had a great time, he even got bike carrying tips from the European Cyclocross Champ herself. We then spent the rest of the time with the Matrix team, we watched all of the races from pit side and it was really cool to see how a team works and to see a race from their side of things rather than always being the spectator.

    Oh and you’re Statler and Waldorf not Burt and Ernie :o)

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