Shirt Week: London Nocturne edition

On Saturday 8th June 2013, it’ll be be the IG Nocturne – a whole series of races in the Smithfield area of London, including urban cyclcocross, penny farthing and folding bike races – and elite criteriums for men and women.  These elite crits are great for the British scene, with equal prize money for the women and the men – and big thanks to Rapha for sponsoring the women’s race (now there’s an excuse to buy their shirts!).

In honour of the Nocturne, it’s time for the UK edition of Shirt Week, and I’ll tell you how you can buy women’s cycling team jerseys for the British peloton.  If you know of more teams with their shirts for sale, tell me in the comments – and although I’ve posted them before, follow these links to buy kit for Wiggle Honda, Specialized-lululemon and Vanderkitten.  But first, let me tell you a little bit more about the race….

The startlist has pro team Wiggle Honda, including the Olympic gold winning track team of Dani King, Jo Rowsell and Laura Trott, and two solo pros: two-time Junior World Champion Lucy Garner riding for Argos-Shimano, and Emma Trott as the lone Boels-Dolmans rider.  They go up against the stars of the domestic peloton – my favourite team, the innovative Matrix Fitness Racing Academy; current leaders of the Tour Series, MG Maxifuel; Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team, who have been racing in Europe and the UK; Mule Bar Girl, who have probably been the team that have stepped up most this season; the excellent development team, Scott Contessa – and many more, as well as solo riders like the always-wonderful Helen Wyman, the current European Cyclocross Champion, racing for Kona.

If you’re anywhere near London, go and watch the racing – and cheer extra hard for me!  You can find the timetable here – and if you can’t do that, it’ll be shown on UK tv (hopefully the women’s race too) on Channel 4, on 16th June at 8am (or C4+1 at 9am… or on 4OD for a month afterwards, or if you’re not in the UK, here)


So, of course, given that you already know I love the Matrix Fitness Racing Academy, I’ll start with them.  You might remember, I went to their team launch (and went to London Zoo with Harriet Owen!) and have been to Luxembourg and Thüringen Rundfahrt with them, but even without that, I love what they do, both in terms of promoting their own team and women’s racing in the UK –  and I love their jersey, seen here in action in a gallery of photos by Huw Williams, at the Banbury Star road race.  Like all UK domestic teams, they’re a small team, so the kit is only available in unisex, but you can buy them here short sleeve jersey, bib shorts, set of both, and gloves.


MG Maxifuel run men’s and women’s teams integrated alongside each other – you might have seen Hannah Barnes sprinting to victory in the Johnson’s Health Tech GP at the Tour Series (here are photos of the team in the jersey in the Colchester and Redditch rounds – and here’s a post-Colchester interview with Barnes).  The shirt is for sale, on Cycle Premier, but only in men’s sizes at the moment.  But, if you fit into men’s shirts (or, gasp! are a man!) (grin) head through and buy it!


Mule Bar Girl have been the team that has taken it to another level in this year’s domestic season, and I really love their rider blogs.  Their jersey isn’t for sale this year, but cycling women can get the next best thing.  The jersey – seen here on Louise Mahé, who was third in the Woking JHTGP round, won by her team-mate Natalie Creswick – is a long-sleeved version of the Ana Nichoola Sun Cat jersey.  Now, I’ve told you before how much I love Anna Glowinski‘s Ana Nichoola range of cycling clothes (check out the website, they’re really pretty – I especially like the tops and dresses for Café rides, but there’s hardcore riding clothing too) so even though the jersey doesn’t have the sponsor logos on it, I’m counting it!  I’m not sure if the online shop is working on the site, but there’s a list of places you can buy the Ana Nichoola range from in real life, or online, on this page on her website (scroll down for the online shops)


Those are the British team shirts I’ve found so far – but I’m the first to admit my knowledge is limited – so if you know of any other British teams selling their shirts, add it in the comments or tell me on twitter.  If you want to find out more about the teams I’ve been talking about, click through the links on their names to their websites (or nearest equivalents!) – and if you can’t make it to the Nocturne, but want to cheer on the women’s peloton in the UK, have a look at the women’s racing calendar on the British Cycling site – there could be one near you, and the riders would love to see you!


It feels weird having to say this, but in case you’re wondering… like everything on this blog, Shirt Week is something I do every now and again, when I’ve seen t-shorts/jerseys I’d like to buy myself.  I don’t get any payment or benefit from featuring anything – I just do it because I enjoy it, and hope it’s useful to you, too!


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