Podcast 2013 Episode 17 – No Liability Accepted In Any Jurisdiction

Podcast logo Ok team, it’s another big week in podcast HQ. First off the wonderful Kathryn Bertine drops by to talk all things documentarian, cycling, Olympics and general awesome with us. Personal favourites are when she talks about some of the work she’s been doing in St Kitts and Nevis to help provide opportunities for young aspiring cyclists to get support, training and equipment; and also later when I put her on the spot by asking if all this experience in actually doing something that helps cycling might mean she’d be interested in taking a run at the UCI Presidency. In addition to Kathryn, we cover the Philly Classic race and Durango-Durango before peeking ahead at the start of the Emakumeen Bira. And what podcast is complete without a proper rant? So I (Dan) go on a bit of spree about how I don’t care how good Cookson is, he’s still not different enough to McQuaid. Of course it sounds better with all the swearwords left in so you should click below to listen to it in all its glory! (1:23:09 MIN / 79.82 MB)

Click here for the best interview with Kathryn Bertine that we’ve ever done!



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Things we talked about this week – Kathryn Bertine and Half The Road

Half the Road

Find out more about the Half The Road film, and watch the trailer, on the Half The Road website.   There are ways you can help the film:

  • Donate to the indiegogo fundraising appeal
  • Host a screening of the film – or share contacts with people or places that might want to host one – and if you have any suggestions of festivals the film could be entered into, or any contacts with festivals, please pass that on too – here are the contact details!
  • If you know of any organisations that might want to be corporate sponsors, share the trailer with them, or pass their information onto Kathryn.
  • Share the trailer and indiegogo page as widely as possible – and if you log into the indiegogo page and share it from there, you could win a prize!

To find out more about Kathryn, have a look at

More more about cycling in St Kitts and Nevis, go to the Nevis Cycling Club website


Things we talked about this week – women’s cycling news

The Philly Cycling Classic

Fun racing @phillycycling & coming back to my phone to see how many people were watching online. Pro race, pro coverage, pro fans!

— Janel Holcomb (@janelholcomb) June 2, 2013

Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria

Survived! Not the part of the peloton I’m used to riding in but have to start somewhere. Thx to those who made me feel welcome #goodtobeback

— Sharon Laws (@SharonNLaws) June 4, 2013

UPDATE!  I’ve interviewed Sharon for Podium Café, where she told me all about her injuries, recovery, not being picked for the Olympics, racing in South Africa and much more – click through and read it!

  • We loved this pre-race tweet exchange between Ellen van Dijk and the Rabobank-Liv/Giant team – Rabobank took Ellen’s ITT bike to Spain for her, and when it arrived, it had a little addition…

@rabolivgiant Thanks voor het meenemen van mn TTbike. Maken jullie nu de ruzie met mn ploegleider nog even goed? 😉 twitter.com/ellenvdijk/sta…

— Ellen van Dijk (@ellenvdijk) June 4, 2013

Her wheels had been delivered in Rabo bags – but this is how they got them back!

@ellenvdijk Bedankt voor het terugbrengen van de #RaboLivGiant wielhoezen! twitter.com/semversteeg/st…

— Sem Versteeg (@semversteeg) June 4, 2013


We were worried last week about Charlotte Becker leaving Argos Shimano, so we were really pleased to see she’s signed to Wiggle Honda!


We talked a bit about Brian Cookson announcing his bid for UCI presidency, and Pat McQuaid’s response – if you haven’t read it already, check out the questions Sarah would like both of them to answer in their manifestos.


We’re big fans to Tracey Gaudry and wish she’d stand for UCI President…. Find out more about her in this interview with her on Cycling Tips, and this one on Cyclingnews – and we both love the work of the Amy Gillett Foundation in Australia – working towards safe cycling in Australia, and also supporting a women’s cycling scholarship every year.


Upcoming races

The Emakumeen Bira, 6th-9th June 2013

The first Downhill World Cup of the 2013 season – Fort William, 9th June 2013


We didn’t mention these, because we ran out of time…


17 thoughts on “Podcast 2013 Episode 17 – No Liability Accepted In Any Jurisdiction

  1. Hi Sarah, or Dan (whoever reads this), just wanted to let you know the race website of the Downhill World Cup is not correctly linked – it goes to a photo gallery of the Philly Classic! 😉

    And of course big thanks again for the mentions, it’s much appreciated.

    • Oh, so it’s sort-of going home for you this weekend? That makes me smile even more! (and you’ll be well-adapted to the rain! ;-))

      • Yes, indeed. Some family visit planned too. It’s going to be a nice, busy weekend, but I’m not sure about the rain-adapted thing haha. That’s long forgotten, I’m afraid. I’ve always liked rain to some extent, though, so it doesn’t worry me. The only problem is that it makes more difficult to take photos and talk to the riders.

        Okay, it’s time to prepare some interviews. Just let me know if you’d like anything to be asked and I’ll try to transmit it to the girls!

  2. Just read it. I had been following her recovery during the recent weeks and it’s so good to see her back on racing. But it’s surely being a hard comeback with this horrendous weather.

    I remember her riding on the front last year in Durango and even took some pics of her and her teammates. This time it’s going to be different, as I guess it will be a victory for her if she’s able to finish the race.

    • Indeed, reading the tweets about the weather, I’m so impressed she made it without crashing today. Stay safe, tomorrow!

  3. hey! I seem to have trouble downloading the podcast (takes a long time, had to change browsers) and when it’s downloaded it won’t play. something wrong or is it me?

    • Oh, I don’t know – I’ll ask Dan. It takes ages to open for me, too – but I’ll get Dan to drop you a comment or a mail

    • That’s a tough one to answer. Which browser/s did you use? And were you downloading or streaming? Were you downloading from the link on this post or have you signed up to the RSS feed? My best guess is that you may have been unlucky with a busy time of day, geographical distance from the server etc. A friend of mine generously allows us to host the podcast on a corner of his server. It’s a private server hosted in Sydney, so it doesn’t have the same bandwidth or global distribution as a big, professional outfit would. I’ll do a little more investigating if you can give me some answers to the above questions, that’ll help me narrow the possibilities a little.

    • Well mostly because it was published after we recorded this episode of the podcast. It’s possible it’ll make it’s way into the coming episode though. 😉

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