Podcast 2013 Episode 15 – All Riled Up

Podcast logoHoly fuck kittens/puppies/polar bear cubs, what a week in women’s cycling! It’s been totally fucking crazy. I mean really crazy, and it’s kind of got to Sarah and me this week. You can tell because we really do get all riled up. Languedoc Rousillon needs a good hard ranting, so we kick off with that. Then we rant California styles. Dan launches a new UCI ranked race for May 2014 and issues an open invite to anyone from the UCI to come on the podcast and tell him he’s wrong. After all that ranting we move into accentuating the positives and talk about a whole bunch of cool stuff. We especially want to mention Half The Road, the great documentary that Kathryn Bertine is putting together. Links down below, go donate now! We’ll wait for you to get back, promise. Now buckle yourselves in for some of the funniest ranting you’re likely to hear in the next hour and a bit. (1:15:21 MIN / 72.33 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

The Tour de Languedoc-Roussillon


The Amgen Tour of California women’s invitational Time Trial

  • Articles about the race, and what it means for women’s cycling, with Evie Stevens interviews, on VeloNews, on Cyclingnews, and by Bonnie Ford on ESPN
  • Amber Neben‘s foundation that gives bikes to homeless children, and works with their aspirations, the Dare to Be project
  • Jens Voigt’s tweets about the Tour of California

How about that idea?!If Amgen signs again for sponsorship- we add for every year of this new contract i day more of ladies racing per year!!

— Jens Voigt (@thejensie) May 19, 2013

So that would get us up to a 1 week tour for the ladies. I would be proud to race the same race and roads with them. Amgen Ladies Tour!!! — Jens Voigt (@thejensie) May 19, 2013

  • Interviews with Evie Stevens and Alison Powers after the race, by Cyclingnews


Articles about all the problems with women’s cycling this week

  • and Iris Slappendel’s great tweet about the Giro:

Stage 14 #Giro is like watching womenscycling. Exciting race but no images & only 10 spectators at the finish! #useyourimagenation

— Iris Slappendel (@irisslappendel) May 18, 2013


Grand Prix Gatineau Road Race and ITT


Tour of Zhoushan Island


Kathryn Bertine‘s fantastic documentary about women’s cycling, Half The RoadClick here to watch the fantastic trailer and donate to make the film happen – and find out more on the Half The Road website – if you have any ideas about where the film could be screened, or any other ideas, get in touch with the contact details.


Ever wondered how the Dutch riders get so good at random attacking?  We loved this blog by Annemiek van Vleuten on the Dutch national team going crazy sprinting for road signs.  The lovely ConfusedSpider translated it on Podium Café for us – click through to see his full translation, but here’s our favourite parts.

On the first day of the training camp, at the first place name road sign we encountered (Bibbona), Marianne went, the next was for Iris, and after that all bets were off; every place name road sign was sprinted for in the last twelve days…

Ellen arrived three days later (she wanted to get some rest after her Gracia-Orlova win) and ended up in the middle of our sprinting violence, but immediatly joined in. Her team has mostly American and German riders, and it’s not in their culture to sprint for every road sign. The Americans only watch their avarage watts on their SRM, and the Germans don’t want their long and slow endurance training tempo interrupted (which they will do for about six hours). Ellen felt right at home with us as the powerhouse that she is, and sprinted with full commitment.

Marianne is hard to beat in a sprint, but if you’re not as explosive, you have to be smart. So all available tactics where used in this training camp. A short impression: when a few houses appear in the distance, everyone begins to focus. But in the meantime you try not to let the others know. You try to shift up a few gears without being noticed. You hope your chain is on the big ring when you see the road sign appear, as shifting up makes a sound, and you don’t want the others to know a place name road sign is coming up. Sprinting low in the handlebars is my preferred choice (as taught to me by my last DS Jeroen Blijlevens: sprinting with your hands on top of the handlebars is a big no no), but suddenly going low attracts attention. So you’d have to sprint with your hands on top of them, or casually go low earlier in a descent.

And with a road sign coming up, you try to casually keep talking, while trying to figure out when to go. You also try to distract the rider next to you by asking difficult questions and sprinting away in the middle of the conversation.

We really recommend Van Vleuten’s blog – here it is google translated if you don’t read Dutch


We didn’t talk about this, but here’s the great replay video of the Albstadt Cross Country MTB World Cup


45 thoughts on “Podcast 2013 Episode 15 – All Riled Up

  1. Big weekend of racing in the Low Countries just started…

    Ash Moolman (Argos-Shimano) wins the sprint today in the Boels Hills Classic (formerly Holland Hills Classic – where Vos broke her collarbone last year but still finished 2nd). Annemiek van Vleuten (who won last year) in 2nd, Liz Armitstead 3rd.

    Tomorrow is the Vos “hometown race” a.k.a. Rabobank 7-Dorpenomloop Aalburg. *She’s* racing along with AvV, Iris, Bronzini, Trotty, Tiffy, Ash, ELB, *both* Emmas… it’ll be a fine race. Twitter coverage via Anton, Karl Lima, Rick Steege and the race’s Twitter-handle. Race site: http://www.deomloopvanaalburg.nl/wp/

    Marianne gave her customary pre-race bike-clinic this past week. Photo album (courtesy kees Lankhaar): https://picasaweb.google.com/106138881670408206630/WielerclinicMetMarianneVos22Mei2013?feat=twitter

  2. Not to mention the US Nationals this weekend in Chattanooga (TN). So… you think Evie could pick up both jerseys (ITT, RR) this weekend? The parcours (Lookout Mountain) is well suited to her.

    • I think she’ll likely take the ITT jersey but the RR will probably find her too well marked to take it. Of course I’m completely happy to be proven wrong.

    • I hope so! I wish the USA Champs weren’t at such a strange time of year – worse for the men than the women, but it’s good Evie’s there

  3. 10 k left, and it appears Vos has this in the bag. Looks like she, Roxy & de Vocht have now pulled away from the others in the lead group. Lead over a minute & half from 2nd chasers.

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