Podcast 2013 Episode 14 – Jealous!

Podcast logoWhat a week! It’s the 1 year anniversary since we started saying dumb stuff on the internet! We talk social media jersey, Tour of California, harrassment, racing and all sorts of stuff. Not to be missed!

Well sort of. As it turned out, Sarah and I recorded this week’s podcast literally about an hour before the news about the Tour of Languedoc. Anyway, that’s all turned to 147 different shades of shit, so make sure to check out Sarah’s post to try and help us work out what the fuck’s going on over there. It’s a longer episode this week but that’s only because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Pour yourselves a strong whisky (or whiskey!) and settle in. (1:15:32 MIN / 72.16 MB)

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Happy podcast birthday!  We’re one year old today!

Things we talked about this week

The Tour of ChongMing Island World Cup

I feel like we were invited to a party but got kicked out before the music started #ChongmingWC

— Jessie MacLean (@aussiejessmac) May 12, 2013

Japanese national champion Mayuko Hagiwara won her first European race – read about it on the Wiggle Honda site

We talked about the upcoming Tour of Languedoc Roussillon, but it’s been cancelled at the last minute.  Or maybe not.  More information here.  And for all the news about everything to do with French women’s cycling, follow the excellent Gwéna.

The fantastic Gatineau races start this weekend.  We both wish we were in Quebec for them – it’s a great festival of cycling.

The Girona women’s cycling posse (non-ChongMing iteration)

Awesome women’s peloton integration ride in Girona! thanks @lorenrowney for the sweet photo. twitter.com/LorenRowney/st…

— Marijn de Vries (@marijnfietst) May 9, 2013

The Rás na mBan superb twitter and their website (if you’re a woman who races, you should definitely ride this one!)

Gracie Elvin‘s little social media experiment – please like or RT it!

Anne-Marije Rook’s interview with Kirsten Wild on Podium Café, where Wild talks recovery and her plans for the rest of the season

Cathy Bussey’s Telegraph article on everyday sexism in everyday cycling

Argos-Shimano‘s little video about Lucy Garner:

I also really want to make a special mention of the fantastic Kathryn Bertine‘s documentary project “Half the Road”. There’s an amazing preview available over at IndieGogo and an opportunity for us all to make a donation and help tell a really important story in a really compelling way.

The Giro Rosa presentation video:

Last year’s Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey – and here’s our video that started it off:


27 thoughts on “Podcast 2013 Episode 14 – Jealous!

      • Cannot wait to see how that race pans out! Wonder what Catharine Pendrel & Julie Bresset are thinking right now?

  1. MTB WC Women;s race live now, about halfway in… 4 Giant XC riders in the top 20 (Maja in front group, probably leading… also Neff, PFP and Vos near 20th and steadily moving up).

      • When Batty swapped bikes on the last lap, I was worried for her, because she lost a couple of places – then got them back! Great ride from her

      • She overtook Pendrel (!!!!) and ended 11th! Commentators were saying that’s damn impressive, since she started off in the 8th row, and so needed to pass a ton of people, which is hard on the narrow trails. But I bet she was having a great time, learning something new on every lap – with that perfect Marianne painface, where she’s hurting and exhilarated all at the same time!

      • It was impressive to come from both a starting position way, way back *and* to have a chain-problem to move from 57th to 11th makes one wonder how Marianne would’ve done if she started in 20th position…

        Still, as I was checking the VeloNews results and {{sigh}} there’s always some idiot FB-commenter crying “doper”. Such is the state of cycling today…

      • There always is, isn’t there? God, I remember when Bronzini won the Road World Cup for the first time and some CN commentators were yelling “doper” on the evidence that they’d never heard of her and she’s “come from nowhere”… I was practically punching my computer screen, 1 minute on CQ would have shown her palmares – but holy shit, that’s where’s we’re at? Some “women’s cycling is boring” type hasn’t heard of a track world champ and world class rider so therefore doping? AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!

      • I really liked how incredibly happy they all were at the end – lots of huge smiles and big hugs – it seems a real community, MTB

    • Still impressive showing for Marianne, finishing 11th but over 2-1/2 minutes back. Rabosport reports she had a mechanical (broken chain) during the 1st lap.

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