Podcast 2013 Episode 13 – Women’s Cycling Fans Are Better Than Normal People

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowHello sinners! Welcome aboard for a slightly unusual week of podcasting fun and adventure. This week Sarah baits Dan mercilessly with accusations of Queenslandishness, we’ll leave it to you to decide if he doth protest too much. We also do a quick whip around the racing all over the world (there’s quite a bit of it). Dan gets excited about research reports (and possibly owes Daniel Benson an apology). There’s a bunch of other stuff, including a fair bit of laughing and a whole lot of swearing, so grab a beer, settle in and get ready to press play! (1:02:23 MIN / 59.88 MB)

Click here for your aural playing pleasure.



Or tune up the i over here for FREE!!!!

Sarah’s compiling links for you right now (aren’t you Sarah?!)! Come back in half an hour or so to have all sorts of things to click!

Sarah edit!  OK, that took more than half an hour (sorry!) but here’s what we talked about this week…

Last week’s racing:


Tour of the Gila

Battle on the Border

We love the Cycling Australia videos!

3 Days of Bedford


The Giro Rosa

We’re over-excited about the biggest stage race of the year, the re-named Giro Donne.  Here are the parcours for 2013 (remember the profiles read from right to left…)

Here’s Monty’s comments on Stage 3, from Podium Café:

Stage 3 should be great because it’s a return to the vicious little climb to the finish in Cerro al Volturno that they last did in 2009. Here’s the video of the last 10 minutes on You Tube complete with that cobbled 17% climb. And if you really want a gnomic laugh, You Tube automatic captions are working on it. That’s where they run their speech recognition system on it and you can then pass that on to the gnomes to get the odd understandable half sentence in your own language.



The fantastic bike jigsaw that JaysMackie made for me (thankyou so much!)

The transcript of part 1 of ABC’s programme on track superstar Anna Meares – so much interesting stuff in here!  If you’re in Australia, you can watch the programme here

Cyclingnews’ report on sponsorship in men’s cycling – Dan very much recommends you read this (and if you want to read Dan’s Marketing & Bullshit posts on cycling, marketing, sponsorship & stuff, they’re right here)

Koen de Kort’s Q&A on CyclingTips – we loved his answer on who would win a sprint between him & Argos-Shimano team-mate Kirsten Wild:

“Who would win a sprint between me and Kirsten? That’s a very interesting question and I’m tempted to try it out. If it was one against one from low speed I’m quite sure she’d give me a run for my money as she’s very powerful. Her maximum power output is higher than mine so I’d have to win on top speed or aerodynamics. In a short sprint from low speed I wouldn’t put too much money on myself.

If it was at the end of a race I’d be pretty confident because endurance would play a big part. But I can’t deny I’d be a bit scared to lose if I’d had to sprint her for a victory.”

Evie Stevens‘ tweet about her care package of Justin’s nutty butter products (that made Dan very jealous!)


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