It Takes Two – A Dreamy Secret

Yet another romance title generator edition of your favourite love/dating/romance/racing column! You may remember us from previous editions of excellent advice on how to solve all your romantic woes (or make them irreparably worse) like What’s the Difference? or last week’s especially sweet, tangy episode, The Right Dessert.

It’s once again time for you to solicit the advice of the singlest cycling people you (don’t really) know! The jalapeno-fuelled Heather Nielson and I are once again ready to tell you how it is and how it could be, maybe even how it should be when it comes to getting ahead in racing/love.

Drop your questions or problems in the comments below and we’ll get to work on figuring out whether it really is you or Chris Froome leading Sky for the Tour…


One thought on “It Takes Two – A Dreamy Secret

  1. I want to follow a big women’s cycle race that’s coming up in Italy so I can live tweet it but my wife thinks i should get a job. What would you recommend?

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