Podcast 2013 Episode 12 – Stabby Stabby

Podcast logoThis week we open with Dan talking himself out of a pseudo-job while Sarah imagines stabbing him through the computer. We also recap the Luxembourg something something Elsy Jacobs race in all its sprint-tacular glory! We also take a moment to sympathise (no really!) with Team Rusvelo over the difficulty of finding Czech towns as we recap Gracia Orlova. We also take some time to celebrate the return of Evie Stevens to racing, along with Sarah’s favourite Emma Pooley. We travel to the far side of the world to point out the Tour of the Mersey Valley, a 3 stage race in Tasmania which magically proved you can put good, informative and entertaining video highlights on the internet in a timely fashion (EVERY OTHER RACE TAKE NOTE – Fleche Wallone I’m glaring at you… still). We take a look at some cool blogs and things we’ve found. [DAN: I have to apologise for totally fucking up the name of Kimberley Wells’ team, which is actually Fearless Femme] We also run through the complete list of acceptable reasons for residents of the UK to not attend the Bedford 3 day race shortly coming up. In summation, this is a fine podcast of great vintage, please to be enjoying. (1:10:55 MIN / 68.09 MB)

You can stream the whole dealio by clicking here.



Or you can TOTALLY FOR FREE(!) get it from the iTunes store over here.

Things we talked about this week

Last week’s racingthe videos we’ve found and Sarah’s round-up of all the action on Total Women’s Cycling

Festival Luxembourgeois du Cyclisme Elsy Jacobs


Today was like ripping off the band aid, great to get back into the swing of road racing. Amazing job by the whole @velociosports team today

— Evelyn Stevens (@evelyn_stevens) April 25, 2013

The Joe Martin Stage Race – we really liked Meredith Miller‘s race reports – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4

Tour of the Mersey Valleywe loved the videos of this race – scroll down here and watch them

The Cheshire Classic – now with 20min video

If you’re in the UK this weekend, go along to the Bedford 3 Day – it’s a great race to visit and cheer at.

Marianne Vos talking about racing MTB, on Cyclingnews

Our new favourite women’s cycling blog, Women Who Cycle – and the article there on Dr Kimberley Wells

Sarah writes for Total Women’s Cycling – and they’re looking for a London-Based Editorial Assistant.  If you know anyone who’d be interested, pass it on!

We didn’t talk about this, but Sarah interviewed Hitec Products UCK rider Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen, who combines racing with a scientific research job and bringing up a 5-year old son – read it here on Podium Café

The Giro Rosa will be announcing the route soon!  Follow them on their website and twitter, and check out this interview about the race with Noemi Cantele (Italian with English subtitles)


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