Podcast 2013 Episode 11 – Digressions

Podcast logoThis week Sarah and I digress. A lot. It’s like this game I used to play when I was at university and someone would be trying to tell a joke and I would interrupt them to ask really specific and deliberately pointless questions. Like, they’d say “A priest, a rabbi and a cowboy walked into a bar…” and I’d say things like “An orthodox rabbi?” and “What sort of priest? Catholic or Episcopalian?” or “Did the cowboy have pearl-handled pistols?” This week’s episode is exactly like that.

We also talk about a bunch of races including Omloop van Borsele, Dwars door de Westhoek, Sea Otter, Gracia Orlova, Elsy Jacobs and more. There are some excellent blogs from Ashleigh Moolman and Marijn de Vries. But even if none of that stuff grabs your attention, you should at least listen to hear Sarah try to explain what she knows about bikes. It’s fucking hilarious. (1:13:46 MIN / 70.83 MB)

You can stream all your happy, sweary, cycley goodness by clicking here.



Or you can iTune it for free over here.

Things we talked about this week

Last week’s racing – read Sarah’s report about it all on Total Women’s Cycling.

Fléche Wallonne Femmes

The Omloop van Borsele

Dwars door de Westhoek

Sea Otter Classic

This week’s racing:


Festival Luxembourgeois du Cyclisme Féminin Elsy Jacobs

Kelvin’s videos from his time at European races (follow him on twitter at @CrazyCycleFan)

The Australia song that makes Sarah want to visit.

Big thanks to BassFace for all the videos he posts in the comments on our blog – we both really appreciate it – and everyone should look at his music blog

Blogs we liked:

We didn’t talk about these, because we hadn’t seen them yet, but Ina-Yoko Teutenberg has a blog up about her slow recovery from the head injury she suffered in March.  We hope Teute recovers fully and well very, very soon.

And here’s a small video about Marianne Vos‘ life in cycling:


9 thoughts on “Podcast 2013 Episode 11 – Digressions

    • What style of bass? Upright? Fretless? Five-string? Do you play with a pick? Do you play slap? Also, do you like fishing? 😉

      Thanks for the videos! We really appreciate them. Hope you didn’t mind us joking about your name. 🙂

      • Upright and electric (4- & 5-string fretted). Mostly jazz, some blues & rock… fingerpick (pizzicato), some bow-work on the upright. Not very good at slapping, but I try occasionally. 😉

        BTW – new video just posted on YT of Marianne’s win on the final stage of Elsy Jacobs:

        It was that bend in the road approx. 400 m from the finish (to the riders’ right)… Rabo OWNED that side of the bunch, and Marianne took off like a rocket once she hit that bend! Bronz & Emma didn’t even have a chance…

      • One more thing… now I LUV & respect Rochelle Gilmore for what she is doing w/Wiggle Honda, but they way that team (or it PR) is trying to stoke some kind of ‘rivalry’ w/Vos-Rabo, today’s finish was, you might say, Vos’ way of telling Wiggle Honda to stick their innuendo into their pipe & smoke it.. 😉

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