It takes two – An Unplanned Touch

Welcome back to another round of romance and race advice! I found a really cool, cheesy, annoying, shitty, accurate, functional romance title generator, so in future all It Takes Two subtitles will be taken from there (until I get lazy or change my mind).

You may remember last time, when superstar Heather Nielson and myself gave spectacular love (and racing!) advice to such mournful souls with myriad racing (and love!) problems.

Now it’s your turn! Are you unlucky in love? Are you lost on the parcours of romance? Do you struggle with positioning in the final sprint of your dates? Are you worried about how often you “solo to victory”?

Well fear not, the best (or worst) advice available on the internet is here for you!

Post your question in the comments below and we’ll let you know exactly how to make sure your strategy unfolds on the sheets and not on the roads (unless roads is your thing, in which case – get permission first). If you’re shy (like Sarah), you can even pretend you’re asking for a friend.

Help us to help you.


3 thoughts on “It takes two – An Unplanned Touch

  1. I have been told love is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all that is required is two hearts and a diamond, alas at the end you are looking for a club and a spade. Any truth in this analogy ladies ?

  2. so, you know, at the beginning of a “race” there’s some amount of positioning, attacking, covering attacks…and how that all settles will determine a lot about the “race” will unfold. do we have a dangerous breakaway, or so high a pace that the group stays mostly intact, or just a few riders that the group isn’t really worried about will get away. my question is, how much energy should i spend in this early part of the “race”, as opposed to saving my energy for the mountain top finish? also, any tips on how to get a sprinter over hills with the rest of the group? thanks.

  3. I often ignore team orders and go on “solo” breaks. I usually get caught before the finish and get told off by “my director”. I like the long “solo” break but clearly the team does not support this activity. Is it ok to go on a “Solo” break? How many “races” a year can I pull this move?

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