Videos from the 2013 Flèche Wallonne World Cup

I went to the women’s Flèche Wallonne World Cup with the amazing Hitec Products UCK, and had an amazing time in the team car and hanging out with the super-friendly and all-round delightful team.  I’ll write more about it soon, but in the meantime, here are my photos, and the (pathetically small amount of) video we’ve got so far, starting with 2 minutes on Sporza (please click through so they know we want more), and the UCI videos.  Firstly the small clip produced by Ben Atkins (note the creative approaches to making a film without any footage from the tv station…)

and an official UCI interview with Elisa Longo Borghini after her 2nd place

The ORICA backstage pass video probably has the most comprehensive video of the women’s race (which is not much at all)

EDIT! Here’s 17 min home-made video from XavTriathlon – thankyou so much!

EDIT AGAIN!  And here’s the video with 12 mins each from Flèche and Flanders, narrated by David Harmon, in English:

There are great photos and race report on the Flèche Wallonne Femmes by CJ Farquharson on and more photos by CJ on Cyclingnews – and the full results are on the race website, and the updated UCI rankings after 4 World Cup rounds.

As always, if you find anything more, add it to the comments, and I’ll edit it in later.


16 thoughts on “Videos from the 2013 Flèche Wallonne World Cup

  1. Funny thing about the two minutes on Sporza: the first half the commentators about ‘two Columbians’ and I went, mmm, I wonder who they’re talking about? Turns out they spent half of those two minutes talking about the U23 men or that other Vuelta or something – anyway, about the men.

    • I know, I spotted that too… It reminded me of David Millar commentating on the women’s road race at the Olympics on the BBC – he just kept talking about the men, over and over. So frustrating! Why is it so hard to allow us this little bit of space for women’s cycling?

    • Meanwhile, here’s Catherine Pendrel being interviewed after yesterday’s XC race (she came in 3rd about over a minute behind Vos and Anika Langvad) – she describes how a third of the race in she was able to stay w/Marianne & Anika until La Fox attacked on a steep, twisty climb, and that was all she wrote… Anika stayed with her but needless to say Marianne pulled away near the end.

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