Podcast 2013 Episode 8 – Strange Bicycle Centaur Woman

This week’s episode is a little bit epic, we’d apologise but we’re not really wired that way. First up we recap the excitement of watching a cycling monument unfold live on twitter (Ronde van Vlaanderen!) and we also recap GP de Dottignies and Stage 1 of the Energiewacht Tour. We preview the rest of EWT and along the way we talk science geek hats, polemica (in cocktail and spatial terms). We also solicit your fan art! Please somebody design us a Strange Bicycle Centaur Woman, we promise to be kind to her! Also, if you’re a Dutch speaker and would like to read Marianne Vos’ book to me, let’s talk! There’s loads more so get stuck in and enjoy. (1:23:24 MIN / 80.06 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

The incredible, exhilarating Ronde van Vlaanderen

GP de Dottignies

This week’s Energiewacht Tour

Marianne Vos

And for more about the other Flanders top 4 riders:

Sarah’s interview with Marijn de Vries – you really should be reading her blog and following her on twitter!

Evelyn Stevens should be back racing this month!  Yay Evie!  Speaking of Specialized-lululemon, we loved part 3 of Emily Maye‘s slideshow of photos, where she talks about the experience of working with the team, from the pre-season team camp.

We recommend part 1 and part 2, too

From Polemica Corner, the latest blog by Iris Slappendel – in Dutch, and mangled by google translate

Women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to ride bikes – in some circumstances, and with lots of limitations – but still, it’s a step forward.  Here’s looking forward to a day when all women have access to things that should be universal rights, like the right to travel.

There’s still time to sign up to 30 days of biking – a pledge to ride your bike every day in April


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