Energiewacht Tour Stage 1 video – and some more info

Yesterday I told you some ways you can follow the Energiewacht Tour, and now the 11 minute video from Stage 1 is up, thanks to Dutch channel RTL.  All the videos from the race are going to be going up on the station’s Energiewacht Tour page, right here.  The most recent episode goes up at the top, but if you need help navigating, Voorjaar 2013 is this year’s race, and “Aflevering” means “episode”.

The highlights packages are in Dutch, but they’re pretty easy to follow.  I loved the long, long shot at around the 4 minute mark, when the moto drives the entire length of the strung-out peloton – and then at the front there are all of Rabo and Speciliazed and Kirsten Wild etc etc.  It was an absolutely crazy stage, where everything that could go wrong, barring crashes, did.  I’m sure there will be lots and lots of rider blogs about it, but ORICA have got their first – the team blog and Gracie Elvin’s.  I feel like I’m promoting ORICA all the time, but it’s just because they’re so good at this!  Here’s the race apology statement for stage 1 (and I REALLY feel sorry for the race organisers, because they do so much good for this race, and today seems totally out of character.  Here’s hoping they used up all the race bad luck in one day).  All the results will be going up on the site here.

If you want to follow the riders’ perspectives, @PimSiegers has a twitter list of all the riders in the race – and if you want to thank RTL XL for showing the race to us, send them a message on twitter or facebook and tell them where you’re from.  And of course, you can send nice messages to the race organisers on their website, facebook or twitter.


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