Videos from the women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen 2013

2 videos from the women’s Tour of Flanders – the 3rd round of the women’s Road World Cup – and I’ll add more in as I see them later.

Firstly, 7.5 minutes highlights on Sporza, in Dutch – please click through and show Sporza we love seeing women’s cycling.

Next, 3.5 minutes in English, on the UCI youtube (there’ll be 15 minutes more in a few weeks’ time):

EDIT AGAIN!  And here’s the video with 12 mins each from Flanders and Flèche Wallonne, narrated by David Harmon, in English:

The NOS video on this page may be geo-restricted to the Netherlands – this post-race interview with Vos isn’t, but it’s in Dutch.  There are studio interviews in Dutch too, with Vos, Van Dijk and Johansson on Sporza.

I love this photo of the finish-line (so much passion!) and there will be photos on the race report, and on Cyclingnews.

EDIT! I’ve written a race report for Total Women’s Cycling, and would love it if you clicked through and read it!

Here are the full results – come back later for more!


7 thoughts on “Videos from the women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen 2013

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