Spring gift guide part 2 – the Megster edition!

Last week I wrote a post on gifts ideas if you have women’s cycling fans, or women who love bikes in your life with birthdays in the Spring, or who you just want to make happy.  And as I always like to do, I asked for suggestions from readers – and wow, did I get some great responses, especially from the lovely Megster, who told me about art, clothes, hand-made bikes, comapnies you can buy from that put things back, and more.  They were so great, they needed their own post – so without further ado, I present, Spring Gift Guide part 2 – the Megster edition!

100 copies is a great idea – lovely t-shirts and posters, all with a bike theme, that are printed in limited-edition runs of 100.  Once those hundred are sold, that’s it, onto the next one.  And because they work fast, if you don’t see anything on offer that you like right now, there’s bound to be something else along soon.  Here’s the Great Migration poster Megster bought – and I’m gutted the women’s Pure Guts t-shirt sold out (though they still have the men’s version).  It’s a sweet project, and I’m interested to see what they do next!


If you’re wanting something more expensive, how about a hand-built bike from Sweetpea Bicycles?  These are bikes built by Natalie Ramsland, “born from the idea that a bike can love you back”.

The bikes look mouth-watering, the photography on the site is beautiful, I love the videos, and there’s a blog too.  Why yes, I *am* swooning!

If you are too impatient to wait three years to get to the top of her waiting list, or, like me, can’t afford a hand-made bike right now, then there more things on the Style page – t-shirts, caps and this very lovely bike bell.  Have a rummage around the site, there are LOVELY THINGS!


Bikes Not Bombs is so much more than just the bike shop.  Here’s the mission statement:

Bikes Not Bombs uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change.
We reclaim thousands of bicycles each year.
We create local and global programs that provide skill development, jobs, and sustainable transportation.
Our programs mobilize youth and adults to be leaders in community transformation.

You can read about how they do that on their About page – and about their Youth Programme in Boston, and their International Programme, which has sent bikes to 13 different countries.  Just reading about that makes me happy – and you can support their work by buying reconditioned bikes and parts and accessories (including t-shirts) from their shop, if you’re in Boston, and there are other ways to help out, if you’re not.


Another bikey company doing its bit for the world is Veleco, who sell fair-trade and eco-friendly clothing, and turn recycled bike parts into clothing, like these tyre belts.


Finally, if you’re suffering through the European “spring” like I am, these sound very, very attractive

Ibex Outdoor Clothing will tell you all about why they love their wool, and they make ALL kinds of things with it, from men’s and women’s cycling clothing to their pretty wool dress, and everything in between.  Here’s that hooded Indie top Megster loves, coming in 4 colours, and I can see why she lives in it – I covet it in Lagoon!  There are a page of special offers on women’s and men’s clothes too.  I think I’m just going to click around there and have a bit of a daydream…. So pretty!


If any of that gives you ideas, thank Megster!  I know I’ve loved finding out about all those companies – and my birthday list is now half a mile longer.  I’ll be back with more ideas next week – as always, if you have recommendations, let me know!


8 thoughts on “Spring gift guide part 2 – the Megster edition!

    • I love it all! I’m always interested in small print run projects, but I really like the mix of t-shirts and posters – and the different styles too. Everything about it makes me smile!

    • I know!!!! The first thing I thought of, when I saw her bikes, was “I wonder if Johnny will buy one of those for Kitty…” and I grinned at you across the oceans

  1. Ha! I showed Jonny and he said, “Ugh you obviously don’t keep up with the NAHBS news because she exhibits every year,” and I was like, “WHYYYYYYY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!!!!!???” (I don’t follow the NAHBS updates, it’s too bike-porn-y) He was telling me there’s another chick bike builder as well, who is like The Only Other Female Frame Builder In The Village, haha!

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