Spring gift guide part 1: Recommendations from Twitter women who love bikes!

You may remember that before Christmas, I put together some gift ideas for women’s cycling fans, and women cyclists (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 – and of course, I still recommend everything featured in those!) – and as it’s coming up to a major birthday season (not that both Dan and I have May birthdays, or anything), and I keep seeing LOVELY THINGS everywhere I look, I thought it’s time for another.  Once again, I turned to twitter to ask what my fellow women who love bikes are coveting right now – and look out for part 2, which will be presents for women’s cycling fans of any gender.  As always, I have no connection with these companies, and get no benefit from mentioning them – they’re just things real-life women who love bikes recommend.

First, a recommendation from a pro!  Rhae Shaw is a Canadian triathlete-turned-road-cyclist, who races for US team Vanderkitten, and she recommends anything by Betty Designs:

There’s cycling and tri kit for men and women, t-shirts, everyday clothes and all kinds of goodies – have a look at the shop

Below, I’ve got a lot more recommendations, for bike kit, gear, art and more!

@_pigeons_ these are so cosy. castellicafe.co.uk/castelli-gregg… — Nikola Butler (@nik_tweet) March 18, 2013

Those Castelli socks are a little bit pricey, but they’re very pretty.  They come in various different patterns and colours,


For other wintery clothes, two recommendations for how to stay warm and snug….

@_pigeons_ also DHB bibs from @wigglebikeshop have 3 pair, 2 summer & 1 winter pair and love them all. Great fit and last forever.

— Nikki P (@Nikkij51) March 18, 2013

You can see the range of those bibs on the Wiggle website.

Altura have a whole range of women’s jackets, including the Night Vision waterproof jacket, Night Vision Evo jacket (that one IS pink!) that’s also waterproof – and they have a retailer locator for shops you can buy them from, or they’re available from various online bike shops (I always recommend buying from your Friendly Local Bike Shop, especially if they stock products for women)

@_pigeons_ I’m generally really fond of good cold weather tights. I don’t have a brand but mmm when they’re good they’re good hahah

— Emily Griswold (@SpazMcSpazzy) March 18, 2013

If you have a favourite brand, suggest them in the comments!


I always love art that features bikes, so I was super-happy to get this recommendation

I bought the cyclocross Christmas card Eliza Southwood made in collaboration with Balint Hamvas, and everyone I gave it to loves it too – but I hadn’t seen her website.  Check out her gorgeous portfolios of cycling digital prints and cycling screenprints – different styles, but all very beautiful.  She has a limited edition print that’s exclusive to the Victoria & Albert Museum Shop (and check out the V&A Urban Cyclist collection for more bike present ideas) – or you can buy from her own online shop – the luxurious-looking screenprints and digital prints are making me drool!


I recommended Lois May-Miller’s bike art in my Christmas present post, and I really like her new pieces since then – White Chalk Hills, designed with Jo Burt, Velo, and new stickers, including Fan-backed women’s cycling stickers.  But Lois, as well as making lovely bike things, is a passionate cyclist, and has some recommendations for us:

I’ve mentioned Rebecca J Kaye‘s bike art before – she has things for every budget – prints, t-shirts and cards – all blocky colours and simple, lovely designs.  Every time I look at her website, I change my mind about what I like best….  I still love the Pedal Power t-shirt, print and card, but there is all kinds of gorgeous art there – have a rummage around the site!

The Ella armwarmers Lois recommends are by Vélobici, and Morvélo have three women’s jerseys in bright, modern designs, for example, the Path jersey.  I can definitely see Lois’ design taste coming through in all of these, they’re lovely to look at!


Or if those are too modern for your taste, how about something a bit more retro?

@_pigeons_ Retro jerseys do this which is just fab retroimageapparel.com/retroimagecata…

— Nikki P (@Nikkij51) March 18, 2013

Check it out on the website, and their other women’s jerseys

Or for  a different kind of retro jersey, my very favourite gear-recommender, Katherine Tye, who wrote my official FAVOURITE GEAR GUIDES EVER!!!!!  (Part 1, the bike and part 2, bags, clothes etc too) (Dear Kitty, please please write more blogs, love Sarah)

That’s the Vintage Velos Molteni merino wool  jersey for all those days when you want to ride like Eddy Merckx.

Katherine also recommended, in the comments of my Assos article, Aussie company Creux Cycling‘s cycling jeans for women.  they’re not cheap, but they’re designed for cycling in, from waterproofing to the lycra mix, to the built-in chamois, cycling-friendly pockets, etc etc.  They come in indigo and in black, and I can think of at least 3 friends who’d love them.


Of course, Katherine also recommends other accessories, starting with this lovely-looking bike bag

It’s the Sackville Saddle bag, and it holds, to quote the website description, “Not bulged: 1700 cubic inches, or 27.8 liters (the British way); Bulged but not ridiculous: 1984 cubic inches, or 32.5 liters” and is a lot more information via the link….  I hope someone takes pity on poor Kitty and buys one for her!


Courtney Gould asked about Ass Savers, the Swedish snap-on mudguards that you might have seen on the Milan-San Remo coverage.  They’re so simple, the kind of idea everyone wishes they’d thought of.  You can order them from the website, where they’re €7.99 and €8.99, with a worldwide shipping rate of €3.50, or free shipping if you order three, or you can see if you can order them from your Friendly Local Bike Shop (Urban Cyclery in Wales, eg, is offering 10% discount on them right now)


And for something else that’s practical, and fits in your bag….

@_pigeons_ @edinburghbikes mini track pump – Love mine. small enough to fit in 30l rucksack (but comes with fitting) edinburghbicycle.com/products/revol…

— Bronwen Banner (@detailista) March 18, 2013

That’s the Revolution Air Mini Track Pump, and you can see a review of it at Bike Radar, too – and

And finally, do shoes count as accessories, or clothing, or something else?  When I asked the Twitterati what they covet, I loved Sarah Strong’s reply

Ah, the dream birthday present, for when your nearest and dearest want to show they really love you!


I’ll be putting up Part 2 (aka my birthday list) next week – so if you have any more recommendations, add them into the comments, or tweet me at @_pigeons_ and I’ll happily add things on!

EDIT:  Part 2 right here – art, hand-made bikes, clothes, companies helping the planet and LOVELY THINGS, thanks to Megster!


9 thoughts on “Spring gift guide part 1: Recommendations from Twitter women who love bikes!

  1. I was going to recommend one of those mini track pumps! They make pumping tyres bearable when on the road. I cannot use a mini pump unless it has the fold out bit to put on the ground.

    People seem to be really into the co2 canisters these days and I just think they’re disgusting and wasteful (I bet you people just leave the spent canisters on the ground because that is what cyclists do with their gels / energy bar wrappers / tubes / etc because they’re filthy little pigs) but I was talking to my boyfriend about it and he was like, “Well really Kitty, you should get one of them because you hate pumping tyres,” and I was like, “Yeah but nah but yeah but….” and now I secretly want one. I AM A BAD PERSON.

    • Get one and make him carry the empty canister home for you? But yeah, the waste, I think some people think that the fact they’re not driving means it’s ok to commit environmental crimes because they’re already in credit!

    • I use CO2 on my road bike, it’s faster, better and much easier to carry and I never throw stuff on the ground. That’s what jersey pockets are for Kitty. I don’t know about your fancy merino tshirts, but I’ve always got a spare pocket for ride refuse. 😉

  2. I use Sportful Betty women’s specific winter tights. They’re lovely and warm, repel water to a certain extent. They also have a high mid section which keeps your core lovely and warm (as well as feeling quite slimming!). I can’t recommend them enough.

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