Londoners! Buy Sarah a beer!

So, Sarah’s in London for the afternoon and evening as the Matrix Fitness Racing Academy and the London Women’s Road Cycle League conduct their joint season launch at the world-famous (I’m in Australia and I’ve heard of it so it totally counts) Look Mum No Hands!

It’s on Old Street (I know, how fucking ridiculous that London only has one Old Street?!!!) from 6pm and if you live in the Greater London Area then I am commissioning you to attend this event, meet some awesome bike racers and BUY SARAH A BEER! I’m reliably informed that she doesn’t bite, although she might squeal with delight and hug you, but that’s probably ok right? I mean, it’s Sarah, she’s adorable.

Plus you’ll be helping to show your support for women’s cycling in the UK and Look Mum No Hands has a fine selection of Belgian beers at the ready.

What’s not to love about this idea? So in short London, I will be holding each and every one of you personally responsible if you don’t send Sarah home reeling drunk and make her wake up with a terrible hangover.



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