Podcast 2013 Episode 4 – Love letters to the peloton

This week we catch up on racing across 3 continents, from Merco to El Salvador to the Drenthe races. It’s all kind of awesome. Dan delivers a PSA for car drivers everywhere, Sarah interviews/predicts Loes Gunnewijk to win Drenthe, along with Emma Johansson, Marijn de Vries, Marianne Vos and everyone else. There’s actually a lot that’s happened the last week and a big weekend coming up so jump on in! (1:07:02 MIN / 64.36MB)

Stream the ‘cast here.



If you prefer the safety of a walled garden and the iTunes store then here you go.

Things we talked about this week:

The Ronde van Drenthe races!

We’re really enjoying the RTV Drenthe coverage of the races – if are too, and want to thank them for doing such a good job, here’s their feedback page, and here’s their Twitter.  I bet they’d love to know where you’re from, and if the coverage makes you want to visit, etc etc

ORICA-AIS‘ general awesomeness this week:

Tielt-Winge video, and the winner, Wiggle Honda‘s Emily Collins, blogging before and after the race – and also Team USA/Exergy TWENTY16’s Jackie Crowell blogging on how she’s finding European racing life.  And Elisa Longo Borghini’s solution for the Frozen Eyeball problem!

Things we liked from the Merco Cycling Classic:

Little video from Marianne Vos’ first elite MTB race, the Sunshine Cup in Cyprus – of COURSE she won!

Sarah’s round-up of last week’s racing news on Total Women’s Cycling

The video of a car hitting riders in the Vuelta El Salvador TTT.  It’s not nice, don’t click unless you really want to.

If you want to tell the UCI what you think about their duty to ensure rider safety in UCI-ranked races, why it’s insane that the women’s Road World Cups are the only UCI events they’ve decided not to stream on their Youtube, or anything else that’s on your mind, please fill in the UCI Stakeholder Survey.  It’s open until 15th March 2013, and it’s our chance as fans to make our voices heard about how we want them to take cycling forward. It only takes 10 minutes (unless you have a LOT to say!) so if you haven’t already completed it, please see what we can do to change things.


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