Drenthe 2013 so far – Drentse 8 and more links

Today was the first of the three Drenthe women’s races, the Drentse 8 van Dwingeloo.  First, the video, then, the links!

Now read on, for some Drenthe miscellany!

So, the first thing – doesn’t Marianne Vos look happy in the interview before the race start?  It’s weird to think that just this week she was winning a MTB stage race…. well, it would, if it were someone other than Vos…  It’s nice to see her racing on the road in rainbow stripes again, winning her first race of the season!

Next up, that hideous crash…  Chantal Blaak of Tibco was taken to hospital, and came out battered, but fortunately not broken.    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg of Specialized-lululemon was knocked out cold, and taken to hospital for observation.  It looked very worrying, but she was soon tweeting:

And her team-mates were tweeting photos of the damage to her face (click through, but warning, it’s a bit gorey)

But, it’s all summed up by Ellen van Dijk:

To find out more about the race:

And there’ll doubtless be more of that to follow, as the riders have a rest day before the Ronde van Drenthe World Cup on Saturday.  Speaking of which….

  • Adorable blog by Marijn de Vries, who grew up in the area, and will be racing through landscape she knows VERY well on Saturday.  Isn’t it always nice when riders can race on home soil?
  • I interviewed Loes Gunnewijk, who won in 2010, about the race and a lot more, for Podium Café – please click through and read it
  • A reminder of my race preview for the remianing races
  • and don’t forget, the Ronde van Drenthe World Cup will be streamed LIVE!!! on Saturday.  It’s rare that we get the chance to watch women’s races live, so make the most of it!

5 thoughts on “Drenthe 2013 so far – Drentse 8 and more links

    • In Drentse 8? That was Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, she’s got nasty face cuts and bruising (see the photo in the article – OUCH!) and couldn’t ride today, but is tweeting, and recovering, and seems very stoical about it all

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