2013 Track World Champs videos – days 3-5

Videos from the last three days of the 2013 Track World Championships – the women’s sprint, keirin, omnium and points race.  There are a lot more on the UCI’s youtube channel – and all the results are

Here’s my favourite event of the meet – the omnium elimination race:

and here are all the other videos from the omnium

That was the third event – here’s the summary after the first two rounds, the Flying Lap and the Points Race:

Can’t find video of the IP and points, so let’s skip to….

Sarah Hammer v Laura Trott, racing the final event, the 500m TT:

Sarah Hammer, interviewed after her win:

The medal ceremony:

The Sprint

I also love love love love the sprint.  There are lots of videos online, but here’s the race for 5th-8th places.

Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong) v Shuang Guo racing for bronze

Race 1:

Race 2:

Becky James (GBr) v Kristina Vogel racing for gold

The first race:

The second race:

The third and final race

The medal ceremony:

Becky James, interviewed after her win:

Women’s Keirin

I adore the Keirin as well!  Here are the second round Heat 1 and Heat 2

Women’s keirin finals:

The Race for 7th-11th place:

Kristina Vogel’s crash in the keirin final:

The Points Race

I also REALLY love the Points Race:

Medal Ceremony:

Ah, track.  I’m sad the season’s over, but at least there’s road to keep me happy!


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