Track World Championships 2013

I’m practically hyperventilating about the Track Worlds – running from today until Sunday.

I’ve written a post full of handy information about the Worlds here on Podium Café – and every day there will be a live thread over there, with day-specific information, and lots of chat in the comments.  The trackies over there are a very friendly bunch – so if you’re new to the Café, or new to track, don’t be shy, come and join in!  We especially like answering questions about track, and share the love!  You can find the day’s thread on the Café’s storystream.

The big question is how to watch it.  Well, there are LOADS of options!  Here’s the international tv guide, but if you can’t find tv in your country, the evening sessions (all the finals) will be streamed live on the UCI’s Youtube.  Here’s their trailer:

Loads more information on the Track Worlds website – just imagine me getting VERY excited!


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