Videos from the 2013 Track World Champs – day 1

I am really, REALLY liking the UCI’s video coverage of the Track World Champs – just as good as the CX World Champs was.  It’s impressive!  There are LOADS of videos from Day 1 – here are some of them, with no spoilers!

Individual Pursuit finalSarah Hammer (USA) v Amy Cure (Aus):

LOTS more below!

Nettie Edmondson (Aus) v Laura Brown (Can) race for Individual Pursuit bronze:

and here’s Sarah Hammer’s post-race interview and the medal ceremony:


There are videos of ALL the Team Sprint qualifying rounds, in order of lowest to highest seeding…

Japan; France v Russia; Ukraine v Spain; China v Germany and GB v Australia.

And here’s GB (Becky James and Vicky Williamson) racing for bronze against Australia (Kaarle McCulloch and Stephanie Morton) and Germany’s Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel against China’s Jinjie Gong and Shuang Guo:

and the winning ride and winners’ interview:


Every day the evening sessions are being streamed live on the UCI youtube – check out the International tv guide for timings and local coverage.  Apparently the UCI channel is geo-resticted in the USA, but the Podium Café comment thread had suggestions for USAians today – go here for the daily threads.  You can find all the results breakdowns on the 2013 Track Champs website, or on Tissot Timing.


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