Let’s play a game!

I am a bit lot of a geek, so games always make me happy, but the various cycling games are fantastic ways to get to know more about the sport and the riders.  Back when I was first learning that there was more to men’s cycling than the Tour de France, making virtual teams really taught me a lot – and I set up some home-made women’s cycling games to entice the game-fans I knew into the women’s sport, which worked really well (DS games as a gateway drug – awesome!)

So of course I was very happy when tED and Jens added a women’s game to the excellent season-long FSA Virtual Directeur Sportif game at Podium Café.  This is the third year it’s been running, and it just gets better and better – so if you’d like to try your hand at putting a team together, here’s the introduction post with all the information.  The deadline is 22nd February, and it’s completely free to play….  don’t look to me for useful tips, I always choose heart-over-head, but there are some great posts by Café members on playing the game over on the site – I like sebastiandeluded’s ABCs for those new to the game, which is men’s game focussed, but still counts, and Straw Dog’s guide to picking your first women’s team.  And our very own Dan has written a beautiful post on how beer helped him pick his women’s team (you can also read how beer helped his men’s team too).  There are lots of useful and not-so-useful tips in the comments sections too!

Go on, give it a go – and if you have geeky friends who like these games, but aren’t yet into women’s cycling, point it out to them.  Now, I’m going back to trying to work out the answer to the big conundrum – to have Vos in my team, or not…


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