Thank-you Total Women’s Cycling!

I’ve mentioned Total Women’s Cycling before, the British-based website that’s aimed at all aspects of cycling for women, whether it’s riding, or following cycling as a sport on the road, track, MTB etc – so I was really flattered when they named this site as their blog of the week.  Thak you so much, TWC!

You can click through here to find out why – and if you’ve come from there, the post they quoted was the recent “Dear women’s peloton….” that I wrote while the Tour of Qatar was on.

If you’d like to see some more things we’ve been up to, check out Dan and me podcasting on women’s cycling (it’ll get back to weekly once the season starts), our crazy-fun Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey, where we gave fan-provided, fan-nominated and fan-voted prizes for riders’ great social media in three 2012 races, our various thoughts on how to help women’s cycling with the Click Through Thursday initiative and my series on various fantastic ways the women’s peloton use social media.  Or just have a look through the site! I write as sarahcycling, Dan writes as entendered – we hope you like what you see!


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