2013 Cyclocross World Champs changes to SATURDAY!!! And Qatar videos, too

Dramatic news from Louisville – the Cyclocross World Championships have had to change their date, due to the risk of flooding!

Now all races will be on SATURDAY 2nd FEBRUARY 2013 – and here’s the schedule:

9:45am USA EST Junior Men (14:45 GMT; 15:45 CET; 01:45 Sunday, Aus NSW)
11am USA EST Elite Women (16:00 GMT; 17:00 CET; 03:00 Sunday, Aus NSW)
12:30pm USA EST Under-23 Men (17:30 GMT; 18:30 CET; 04:30 Sunday Aus NSW)
14:30pm USA EST Elite Men (19:30 GMT, 20:30 CET, 06:30 Sunday, Aus NSW)

Check out the excellent race website for more information – and here’s the Velonation article about it

The races will still be streamed live on the UCI youtube channel and shown and streamed on various tv stations – check out the official guide to the media showing it – and if those don’t work for you, Cyclingfans, Procyclinglive and Sports-livez always help me watch CX!

Here’s the startlists – and if I can make the changed time, I’ll be following the action via the race twitter, and on the live threads that will turn up on Podium Café.  Check out the Podium Café cyclocross section for all their stories, tips and live on-the-scene updates!

This move is such bad luck for the organisers, who have worked really hard to make this a huge event, and show off the best of USA cyclocross culture.  They’ve clearly been working really hard to make this a huge success, and my thoughts are with them tonight, as they rush to rearrange everything…


The other big cycling news from today was the final stage of the Tour of Qatar, which has been entertaining me all week.  I wrote a race report over on Podium Café, with links to all the videos, results, photos etc, but here’s a video of the final lap of the final stage, where Kirsten Wild had extended her race lead over Chloe Hosking by winning the intermediate sprint… I’ve really loved this race, and it’s re-energised me for the road season.  2013 will be a good one!


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