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Has it turned into Shirt Week?

I really enjoyed Marijn de Vries’ blog on being introduced to the concept of guys getting “Chicked” (she was introduced to it by Emma Pooley, no less!) so when I saw this “You just got Chicked” shirt on Marijn’s twitter, from the superb Chicked.com I laughed out loud.  Then @RabAusten posted the link to men’s version, “I get chicked – and I like it”, and I laughed even more!  Original in pink and white, the second one in white, both in men’s and women’s sizes. They’re not cheap, but they’re great!

Edit 9/1/13: I don’t know why I didn’t look, but they have a whole range of clothes on their website – skirts, tops, cycling jerseys, different designs – have a look!

And speaking of great, I’ve mentioned how much I like the Ana Nichoola range of women’s cycling gear – so I was interested to see a few items at special sale prices on the Evans website – and they seem to ship outside of the UK, too….

(I don’t get paid to promote any of this stuff, it’s just things that make me smile!)

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