Celebrating social media – part 11 – Cyclocross in the USA

When Dan and I interviewed British CX star Helen Wyman for our podcast, she told why she thinks the future of women’s cyclocross is in the USA – so it seemed appropriate that this instalment of my Social Media series had a look at the USA cyclocross riders.  I’ll tell you about some of the riders and how to follow them – and then at the end I’ll give you links to how to follow the USA CX scene.  I’ve already talked about Katie Compton in my previous CX social media post, but as always, if you know people or links I’ve forgotten, add them to the comments, or let me know on twitter – and don’t forget to click through to the riders’ and team pages, and click on all their sponsors, to do your bit to help women’s cycling!

Georgia Gould Luna Pro Team

You might remember Georgia Gould from when she won the cross country MTB bronze medal in the London Olympic Games, but she’s also well-known on the cyclocross scene, not just for her great riding, but also for her work for equality in women’s racing.  She’s been campaigning for years for equal pay for women’s racers, and as a member of the UCI Athlete’s Commission, she was one of the riders who persuaded the UCI to give equal prize money to the men and women World Champions across the cycling disciplines – starting with the 2013 CX Worlds.

But cool as all that is (and it is VERY cool!) the reason Gould is in this post is because of her fantastic social media presence.  She’s got a great website with a lovely blog that’s always got good photos (I like her “I will murder you” face) – and her twitter is at @GouldGeorgia.  You can find lots of video interviews with her on cyclingdirt and on youtube – and definitely read this interview with her after the UCI athletes’ commission, and why she thinks things are moving in the right direction for women’s cycling.

Meredith Miller – California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized

I feel like I mention Meredith Miller a lot, but I love how she’s another rider who uses the power of social media to do good in the world.  She rides on the road for Tibco, races MTB and rides CX all winter.  This year, she’s had a slow start to the season due to injury, but she’s back again, and currently racing in Europe.  You might remember her from when she was nominated for the Social Media Jersey for her blogs from the Giro Toscana – or you might remember her fantastic Pretty In Pink initiatiave, her annual fundraising drive for the Hope Lives! Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Support Center.

You can read Miller’s race reports and her blogs on her website, along with her sections for photos, videos, media apprearances and a lot more.  At the moment she’s being very honest about her disappointment in her season-so-far, but I’m sure her luck will change very soon.  Follow her on twitter at @mmcyclist – she’s got this positive attitude that’s infectious.


Christine VardarosBaboco

One of the pioneers of USA women coming to race in Europe is Christine Vardaros, who combines racing cyclcross with writing about it, for sites like Cyclingnews and on Cyclocross Magazine and more.  You can see what she’s been writing on her blog, as well as writing that only appears there – and she has a great set of links, both for cycling and for vegans like her – and she’s an active member of the CX Magazine fora, and also on twitter, so if you want to know more about her, I bet she’ll answer any questions you have!


Amy DombroskiYoung Telenet-Fidea

One of the biggest women’s cyclocross teams on the European circuit is Young Telenet-Fidea, so of course they have an American onboard!

I love Dombroski’s blog for the strapline:

It only took 20 years to win a bigger trophy than the one I won when I was 5. Man alive it felt good to stand on that podium.

Very cute!  Her blogs are great too, full of photos – and in what seems like a theme for the USA CXers, she has a page of videos she’s been in as well as lots more information on her website – and, again, you can follow her on twitter, too – and if you’re on facebook, ‘like’ her supporters’ club page as well!


Kaitlin Antonneau Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com

If you’re looking for the Next Big Thing in USA CX, then how about Kaitie Antonneau?  At 20 years old, she’s been the u23 USA cyclocross champion, and been on the podium in the junior national track and road championships – and won the silver in the 2011/12 National CX Champ behind Katie Compton, and won the 2012 National Citerium Championships.  On the road, she races for Exergy TWENTY12 – and all this while attending university!  She’s the only woman riding CX for Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com (check out her page on the team website)

Her blog hasn’t been updated for a while, but you can forgive a rider anything when she has a page dedicated to cakes she’s made on her website.  (I love her Cannondale bike cake)  – and you can follow her on twitter, of course.

Edit 30/12/12: Here’s a new interview with Antonneau on CX Magazine!


Maureen Bruno Roy and Nicole Duke

My final two USA riders are the fantastic Mo Bruno Roy and Nicole Duke – both of them have lovely online presences.  Follow Duke via her website, her blog and twitter – and Bruno Roy on her team website and her twitter.  They’re both great, and deserve clicks and follows!


Follow the USA women’s cyclocross scene

If you want to follow the USA women’s cyclocross scene – and the road racing, for that matter – then there’s no better place to start than Podium Insight, who have race reports, photos, interviews, news and all the information you’ll ever need on North American cycling.  Seriously, that site is great – as are their twitter accounts @podiuminsight and @podium_live for when they run live race coverage.

For videos of and from North American races – AND from some of the European races – cycling dirt have an excellent video page, with lots of post-race interviews and film-ettes from the sidelines.  They also have weekly videos, where they explain their own rankings of the circuit, and these are always fun!

Cyclocross Magazine also have race reports with photo galleries, and active fora – and of course, all the big cycling sites have features on CX throughout winter.  I always check out Cyclingnews’ CX section for results and photos (I do love their photo galleries) and VeloNation for their race reports, and I’m told VeloNews report on the USA riders and races.

Finally, the Cyclocross World Championships is coming to Louisville in Kentucky in February 2013, and the race website is a great resource.  Check out their site for CX news and regular updates, click through to all their sponsors, and follow them on twitter at @louisville2013 – and if you have any opportunity to go, please do – buy your tickets here, and cheer extra hard for everyone, for me!


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