Some Monday videos

It’s cold and grey outside in Britain – and probably far too hot to go outside in Australia – so here are some videos to remind you that cycling continues.

6 minutes from the women’s CX Soudal Classic Leuven, won by Belgian Sanne Cant, with USA’s Amy Dombroski on her first European podium this year, in second place.


Speciliazed-lululemon have been on their team camp, and there have been some great blogs coming out of it on the team site – and now a load of video interviews from Shane Stokes, the editor of Velonation.  Here’s 10 minutes from Evelyn Stevens, with some really fantastic hand gestures:

and 10 minutes with Ellen van Dijk, where she talks about her role in the Olympic Games, the team, Marianne Vos and much more

There are apparently going to be more to come – keep an eye on the Velonation youtube account.


You’ll know by now that Dan and I are huge fans of Amber Pierce, and her #ClickThruThurs campaign to muster the fanbase and support women’s cycling (every Thursday, click on links to women’s teams, and through to the sponsors, stories about women’s cycling in the media – or like them on facebook – it really does make a difference!).  Amber’s been doing regular online video Q&As, where she answers questions from fans – and her latest one has been saved – watch it right here, she’s really engaging!


British downhill MTB star and 2011 Junior DH World Champion Manon Carpenter has a nice little video from her holiday in Malaga, with lots of clips of her riding for fun


And if you’re craving the start of the road season, remember, it’s already started in Australia!  Here’s highlights of the 2012 National Road Series:

This is part of the Cycling Australia Women & Wheels video series – if you click through, you’ll find videos featuring all kinds of Aussie women’s cyclists, whether they’re from the pro peloton, Paralympic stars, trackies or the domestic scene. Have a browse, there’s a lot to love there.


Want more Aussie women’s cycling action?  Here’s Russ Mullo‘s Best of 2012 Aussie Cycling Women – so much fun!


If that makes you want more video action, check out Cycling Fever‘s video page – they have the best collection anywhere on line – and the Petites Reines fan-made CX and road race videos.  If you want EVEN MORE, check out my article from August on riders and teams who use video and my collection of dancing riders!

For all the news from the women’s cycling world last week, Monty. has collected it in a handy post on Podium Café.  It’s a mix of good and bad news, but I think on the whole, good – click through to find out about the Wiggle Honda team, how Marianne Vos has set up a foundation that will run the Rabo team for 2013 – and which races are in trouble…

And as always, if you’ve seen any good women’s cycling videos recently that you’d like to share, add them to the comments, and I’ll make another post!


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