Podcast Episode 25 – Interview with an Amber

Holy shit you guys, it’s Amber Pierce! Sarah and I are thrilled to be able to bring you our first ever interview and even more thrilled to have been able to con Amber out of a bunch of time so we get to have a great chat with the inventor of #ClickThruThurs.

Seriously, Amber’s all around great and we had a great time talking to her. This is totally worth the listen. Among other things Amber gives us a very honest glimpse of life as a pro cyclist, and tells us some of the lessons she has learned. She has a lot of wisdom for all of us. Also she admits she would make out with Pat McQuaid (true!).

We had a huge amount of fun recording this podcast and I’m sure you’ll love it. Actually it was so much fun that it carried on after the recording. At one point in the podcast, Amber answers a question with precise scientific terminology that actually is plausible. I immediately called “bullshit” and accused Amber of just using big words that none of us understood to get away with it. My favourite moment of the day was arriving home this evening to find an email from Amber with a copy of her research paper on the topic that addresses the substance of her claim. I’ve made sure to include the link to her paper below 🙂

Thanks again to Amber!    (1:06:19MIN / 63.68MB)

You can stream the podcast by clicking here.



Or grab it from iTunes over here.

This week’s links

If you think we asked all the wrong questions, and want to ask her some of your own, join Amber on her next live Q&A session, where she answers anything and everything you ask on video.  The Q&A will be on Sunday 16th December (keep an eye on Amber’s twitter for the time)  and you can join in at the Glacier Glove facebook page – you don’t need to sign in to fb to watch or join in!  And if you can’t make that, you can always ask Amber your questions via her twitter – she’s very friendly, drop by and say hello!

If you’d like to find out more about her as a person, start with her 25 Things post on Triple Crankset – these are some of the best random facts about a rider we’ve ever read!

Amber has been writing over there on the joy of cycling, and her ideas on marketing women’s racing – here’s the link to her author page with all her posts – and we spent a bit of time talking about her latest and greatest idea, Click Thru Thursdays (or “Click Through Thursdays” in English-English! ;-)).  You can read her original post on it, and Sarah’s response on this blog – and if you want to see all the recommendations people have been suggesting, or add your own next Thursday, check out the twitter hashtag #ClickThruThurs.  Such a simple yet brilliant way we can all help the sport we love.

Amber rides for Diadora-Pasta Zara – or Pasta Zara-Cogeas-Manhattan, as they’ll be for 2013.  Have a look at their team site, and Amber’s profile over there.

We talked about racing in El Salvador, and if you want to know more about that as an experience, check out Amber Neben‘s blog on the Specialized-lululemon site.  And if you’d like to know more about the Costa Rica training camp that Kathryn Bertine is running in February 2013, with the triathlon superstar Chrissie Wellington as special guest, you’ll find all the details here – it’s open to cyclists of all abilities.

For more things Amber Pierce, there’s her web portal, blog and facebook (we told you, she LOVES social media!).  And check out Glacier Glove and The Impetus Agency who make the live Q&As possible.  Glacier Glove are offering a fantastic 25% off their products for fans of women’s cycling – just input the code ‘amber’ (with no quotation marks) at the checkout on their online store.

Also, here’s Amber’s really important research paper that totally proves I was wrong. 🙂

Just in case you need to spend more time pondering how awesome Amber is, here are some videos:

Amber’s post race interview at the 2012 Giro Donne

At the 2012 Exergy Tour

Pre-race interview in Italy 2012

And at the Giro d’Italia in 2011

At the 2011 Giro Toscana

Post Giro 2011

Race footage and post-race intervew from 2009 Tour de Nez

Post-race interview at the Inaugural Chicago Criterium (2008)


11 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 25 – Interview with an Amber

  1. Hi

    Is there any reason why this won’t stream directly from itunes store in to itunes. W=each month i have to download and then manually transfer to itunes and change the group to podcasts.

    In itunes i can subscribe, but nothing downloads and only a folder is created. Any help would be helpful.


    • I think it may be a semantic error in the code of the xml feed generated for iTunes to reference, which I will attempt to track down and correct tonight when I’m home from work. If I appear to be bald and older tomorrow it’s because I’ll have been smashed by one character being incorrect and will need to weep quietly to myself for a few days to recover. 😉

    • Hey there. I’ve crawled through the xml line by line and cleaned up everything I can find. If I’m right, this should mean that the iTunes auto-download thingamajig should start working again when it refreshes (usually takes it an hour or two from when it’s published). Can you please report back and let me know if it’s worked? Thanks, Dan

  2. Bingo!

    All sorted many thanks for your help Dan it all works fine now.

    BTW where can I get a copy of the rest of the track you use as the intro music? I looked when you first mentioned it and I couldn’t find it as a download.

    Many thanks for your speedy help in the matter.


    • Fantastic, glad to hear it. Thanks for letting me know.

      The track on the opener was recorded by a band that isn’t around anymore, but one half of the band is Andy Sorenson. He’s a great guy and easy enough to find at his website. I don’t know if he has any/many cds of that recording left, but he could probably help you organise a download, and his other work is definitely worth listening to. The guy singlehandedly restored my faith in the role that synths can play in rock music.

      Also one time, I helped him move his Lesley cabinet into a shower stall so that we could record the reverb of it off the tiles. It was awesome.

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