Discussing the way forward for women’s cycling

Dan and I have slowed down our Unofficial Unsanctioned Women’s Cycling podcast for the winter – but damn, there’s so much going on at the moment, I wanted to tell you about various discussions out there at the moment on how to take forward women’s cycling – starting with a podcast you can listen to if you’re missing the sound of my voice(!)


The fantastic Velocast team have dedicated this week’s podcast to women’s cycling.  Here’s how they describe it:

The Velocast this week looks at women’s cycling by talking to Rochelle Gilmore, owner and manager of DTPC Honda, Matrix-Prendas director and the man behind the fans’ backed women’s cycling initiative, Stef Wyman, Heather Bamforth from the Biketreks women’s development squad and the sport’s uber-fan girl, Sarah Connolly.

Yep, that’s me!  It’s great, a women’s cycling podcast-documentary, and I’m flattered and honoured to have been included.  I love the interviews with Rochelle and Stef and Heather that explain how they developed their teams, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  Click through and have a listen – and check out everything else Velocast do on their website.

To find out more about things talked about on the Velocast:


Emma Pooley

Emma Pooley’s one of the very best interviewees in the sport – and there is so much to love in her latest interviews, with Ben Atkins on VeloNation.  Check out Part 1, where she explains why she signed for Swiss team Bigla, and how finishing her PhD will affect next season, and her goal of the 2016 Olympics – and Part 2, where she talks about the Worlds, doping in the men’s peloton, running her first marathon, and how women’s cycling is full of passion and enthusiasm.  As always with Pooley, there is so much more than that – rants, calls for change, laughs, and so many great quotes.  So much to love in there.


Amber Pierce – Continuing the Dialogue

Yeah, I know I keep talking about Amber Pierce, but she’s so passionate about the sport, and she’s always working on taking the sport forward.  She’s got a great new blog out at the moment on Triple Crankset, called ‘Continuing the Dialogue: women’s cycling’, where she lays out her ideas on how women’s cycling is different from men’s, and how she thinks women’s cycling could be marketed better, taking advantage of all the things that make the racing so exciting, and the personalities of all the fabulous riders.

This piece was written in response to ‘Women’s cycling moving ahead‘, an article on Australian cycling blog CyclingTipsclick through and read that too, because that’s really interesting too, from a different point of view.


So many interesting ideas, and SO much passion and love for the sport.  And so many good ideas.  I really, truly believe that there’s a bright, bright future out there for the sport, and I think there are all kinds of things we, as fans, can do to help take things forward – starting with clicking through all the links, and showing people we’re listening!


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