Podcast Episode 22 – For People Who Aren’t Sad, Geeky Dans

Sarah picks on my twitter habits and we manage to not talk about Rabobank for at least the first 5 minutes of the episode. Then we break the news/rumour that Garmin are looking to take over Rabo’s women’s team. Dan reads another piece submitted as part of the Social Media Jersey project, and Sarah provides a full update on where things are up to with distributing prizes. Also you can hear Sarah’s neighbours doing renovations!

(46:48MIN / 43.9MB)

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Links to things we talked about this time:

John Cyclopunk’s Open Letter to Rabobank about their decision to disassociate with the women’s cycling team.  John says that anyone can copy and use this, if they want to send it to Rabobank, so they can see fans’ opinions – and if you want to write yourself, then let them know the positives about the women’s team, and why it can only be a good thing for them to associate with it by telling them on their website or tweeting them at @Rabobank.

Gerard Vroomen‘s blog on the power of fans in cycling.

Amber Pierce‘s blog on Triple Crankset, where she talks about getting to share why she loves cycling with her mum (read it, it’s a lovely piece!) – and follow Amber’s twitter for news of the live Q&A she’ll be doing online next week.  These are always really good fun, we recommend them highly!

Kathryn Bertine‘s article on ESPNW on how USA women pros support themselves to race.

Autism Speaks, the charity Evie Stevens donated her Social Media Jersey prize to, with big thanks to all of you for enabling her to give to a cause she supports.  Evie’s donation went to the Speak Up For Autism event – she’d love it if you could support it too.

The final breakdown of the Social Media Jersey prizes and stats etc

Stef Wyman‘s piece on how doping affects women’s cycling (written before the Rabobank debacle)

Patrick Verhoest’s gallery of photos from the GP Mario de Clerq, with the fantastic facial hair of Alexander Revell, which had Dan so excited (Sarah disassociates herself completely from his call for bearded ladies, but if you’d like to send him a photo – or take up Sarah’s suggestion, use the comments, or our email, prowomenscycling [at] gmail.com)

Part 1 of tgsgirl‘s really fabulous cyclocross calendar at Podium Café.  gs really does know everything there is to know about CX, and her calendar has great race descriptions and links.  Sarah recommends watching Koppenbergcross (1st November), Zonhoven (4th November), and Koksijde (24th November) if you’d like to see some great men’s CX racing – and to join in the livethreads on Podium Café if you’d like to ask questions, or jut chat through the races.

Finally, @ShaunaSmash wrote a fantastic piece on positivity and women’s cycling, which Dan read in the podcast.  Here’s the text – and Dan and Sarah both agree the everyone should be following Shauna.

This past year I saw more positive attitudes, collaboration and NEW INTEREST in women’s cycling than any other year since I started following. I think the best way we can all grow the sport is to continue in an optimistic fashion, and to be kind to each other. We are all trying to work toward the same goal: Make this sport better for the women racing their bikes. I think this quote really sums up where I am coming from:

“All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism — it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”~Conan O’Brien

Let’s all focus on working together, BEING NICE, and staying positive. We may only take baby steps in moving women’s cycling forward, but that is WAY better than being cynical and snarky. That accomplishes nothing, in my opinion. Onward!



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