Cyclists raising money for good causes

Specialized-lululemon and Right To Play

One of the many things to love about Specialized-lululemon is their commitment to supporting Right To Play.  They took the charity on when they were Highroad, and do all kinds of fun work for them – for instance, Ally Stacher’s fundraiser in Asheville, USA (where Stacher, Emilia Fahlin and Loren Rowney “baked an aggressive amount of baked goods and sold them throughout the day”:-))

So I really love them using their ride at tomorrow’s Team Time Trial World Champs to raise more money.  They’re asking fans to pledge to donate money if the team ends up on the podium.  Now, I think they’re guaranteed the win, so only do this if you can afford it! But it’s a bloody good cause, so please donate for them – I’m sure they’d appreciate whatever you can afford.

More on their website – and here’s the donations page on the RTP site.  If, like me, you can be a bit slow, you donate through the red button at the top.  I assume it’ll link up to the S-L page, because the internet is clever like that.

Meredith Miller, Pretty in Pink

The other cycling fundraiser this week, is the opening of USA cyclocrosser & roadie, Meredith Miller’s, campaign to raise money for breast cancer – “Pretty In Pink“.

This is the third year Miller’s run this campaign, where she races in pink and runs a whole load of fun fundraising efforts.

You can buy this great t-shirt, Pink is the new Fast, for just USA $22 – hit the shop here, and there’s also a Pink is the new Fast cycling jersey for USA $69.95 – all profits to the Hope Lives! Lydia Doby breast cancer support centre – and she’s also selling raffle tickets, with some fabulous prizes, at 2 USGP Cyclcocross Races, the Planet Bike Cup in Wisconsin and the SmartWool Cup in Colorado.

Read all about Miller’s fundraising plan – to raise $10,000 this year – on her website.  And if you, can, support it.  That’s an awesome t-shirt, guaranteed to make you ride faster!


Finally, as part of the ongoing online conversation about how fans of women’s cycling can help support the sport we love, Matrix-Prendas‘ DS Stefan Wyman has ideas for how this might work.  Read all about the #fanbackedwomensteam idea – it’s evolving into how fans can support the whole of the British women’s racing scene, rather than just one team, and how, working together, we can change the sport.  It’s exciting – if you’d like to get involved, email Stef, through his address on the page.


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