Podcast Episode 17 – Cocktails, teams and dreams

This week we talk all things related to the Social Media Jersey races: Giro Toscana, Tour l’Ardeche and the Ladies Brain Wash Tour (where Sarah suggests I’m enough of a straw man that I can’t be brainwashed). There’s also a good touch of paralympic awesomeness and some MTB in there for flavour. I go on a bit of a rant in response to the news about Emma Pooley but wind up presenting a crazy idea that might just bring some justice to the world. Sarah and I also wind up the show with an important (and hilarious) sun safety message for you.

As ever, click here to stream.



Or visit the iTunes store where it’ll only cost your soul to be connected forever.  (1:00:07 MIN / 59.50MB)

*NOTE: This week Sarah and I have been plagued by technical problems. I haven’t been able to get a stable Skype connection and so about two-thirds of the way through the recording Sarah’s audio goes kind of funny with digital breakup noises and stuff. Normally we’d just try to re-record under those circumstances but this is our 3rd/4th attempt this week and it was time to just get it up. Our most sincere apologies for the loss of quality. I’d encourage you to persist, but if you really do find it unbearable I’ll understand.

Links to some of the things we talk about this week (or things we were going to, but didn’t get around to)

The Social Media Jersey nominations so far: Round 1 – Giro Toscana and Round 2 – l’Ardèche and Brainwash

The 3 hours of video Monty found from the Giro Toscana – and the 50 mins of video from the GP Plouay World Cup

Emma Pooley‘s great interview in the Telegraph, “International Cycling Union have turned women’s cycling into a Mickey Mouse sport” – you might guess she doesn’t pull any punches on the UCI, Sky and more.   The prizes Pooley has donated to auction in aid of Amnesty on ebay – and Pooley’s interview on CyclingNews where she talks about taking a year off cycling

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg’s blog about the Brainwash day where for once Specialized-lululemon missed the break


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