UPDATED!! Social Media Jersey nominations from l’Ardèche and Brainwash!

Yesterday Dan posted a list of the riders from the Giro Toscana who have been nominated to win real cash prizes in the Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey – and we’ve already had nominations from riders in the Tour de l’Ardèche and the Brainwash Ladies Tour!  We’ll update this post as we get the nominations in, so keep checking back – and of course, if you see any social media from riders at any of the three races that you’d like to nominate – blogs, tweets, photos, videos, blogs on team sites, anything as long as it’s public – you can do so in the comments here, to me at @_pigeons_ or Dan at @entendered on twitter, or email us at prowomenscycling[at]gmail[dot]com.  There’s more information on the nominations process here.

Can you believe that the prize pot – donated by women’s cycling fans – is now up to $1,725?  All of that money (well, minus transfer fees!) will go to riders – so any small amount helps (the donation page is here) – and, of course, we’d love it if you could click through to the rider and team blogs and sites, so they can see that we all appreciate what they do!

UPDATE!!  You can vote for the winners in the Megapoll, here!

If you’re not sure where to find riders’ social media to nominate, I’ve made twitter lists for each race, and VeloFocus has a great startlist for Brainwash which lists the riders’ twitters and websites.  If a rider’s already been nominated, you can still put them forward for more tweets, blogs, etc etc!

Don’t forget to click through the links to see the photos in tweets, and to read the full blogs!  And huge thanks to everyone who’s nominated so far – we really appreciate it!

Nominations from Brainwash Ladies Tour


Gracie Elvin – Faren Honda – nominated by Sean


Melissa Hoskins – Orica-AIS – nominated by anon


Emma Johansson – Hitec Products-Mistral Home – nominated by Alex Murray

and her blog on the race, including

Racingdays are always passing fast and already we are half way in this years Ladies Tour.
The courses so far have been alot like we are used to: full of speed bumps, cars, poles etc…
And with all that crashes are to follow. What hasn’t been present so far this week is the wind, and to be honest I really miss it!


Elisa Longo Borghini – Hitec Products-Mistral Home – nominated by Alex Murray


Monique van de Ree – Skil-Argos – nominated by Sarah


Iris Slappendel – Rabobank – nominated by Ben Atkins

and her Brainwash Blog – in the original Dutch, or via Google Translate


Evelyn Stevens – Specialized-lululemon – nominated by Dan

Dan especially liked the hashtag!

And C nominated her blog on the Specialized-lululemon site, especially this part:

Constant sideway winds, torrential cold rain, 1000 exceedingly tall women all fighting me for position 999, a million tricky corners, roads too small for cars, road furniture jumping out at me left and right, the sight of the 999 tall women stretched out in front of me and the winning break disappearing into the cold midst, me adding as much value to the team’s performance as a rain jacket on a sunny day …this horrifying vision used to pop into my brain when I thought of racing in Holland. It is true, I used to suffer from Dutch Anxiety.


Ina-Yoko Teutenberg – Specialized-lululemon – nominated by Alex Murray

Teute’s Stage 1 blog on the Specialized-lululemon site made Alex happy.  I particularly liked:

Sprinters can be exhausted but when we smell that finish line there is normally always something left in the tank. It was the usual chaos and dangerous situations in the last five kilometers but I made it somehow and had Trixi in last kilometer to get me where I had to be. The sprint did seem to take forever or rather it felt like we were going uphill…I was stoked to hold off the others and get a win in. Now we focus on tomorrow and after that we see what the rest of the week brings….hopefully some wind and echelon action.

ADDED 7th SEPTEMBER – nominated by John Cyclopunk –  Teute’s blog from Stage 3, on the Specialized-lululemon site.

Sarah liked:

I had to do a bit of a cyclo cross move over the grass and jump down 30cm to get there….reckon I scared some girls but luckily I did not go down, then I definitely wouldn’t be considered cool ;) ! Ellen had a bit of sliding action on the other side and we finally reached the front and started our chase. We realized some big players were up front in the break and it wouldn’t be an easy task. We pretty much ended up doing another TTT for about 25km….good for me as I was actually able to stay with the girls today. Evie, Ellen,Lotte and me were able to pull the break back. There was for sure not much talking going on as we all knew we totally missed this break and it should never happen. We did even emphasize that point in the meeting….guess the pain in our legs will be a reminder tomorrow that this will not happen again.


Emma Trott – Dolmans-Boels – nominated by J

Trott was nominated for this string of tweets, with thrills, spills and comedy!


Liesbet de Vocht – Rabobank – nominated by A


Marianne Vos – Rabobank – nominated by @PatrickKeizer


Nominations from the Tour de l’Ardèche


Lex Albrecht – Canadian national Team – nominated by Sarah (and Jörg, Jenny, Cindy, Anne, Laurie and more)

and her blog post, Cracked in the Descents, including:

Priority number one, get home and get my descending guts back, because they were there once, and I don’t know onto which piece of asphalt they got smeared, but I’m getting them back.


Leah Kirchmann – Canada National Team – nominated by anon

For her blog La belle Vie en l’Ardèche

Overall my first race in France was an excellent experience. It was by far the most climbing I have ever done in one race. Not going to lie, there were many times I looked at the race profiles and doubted my abilities, but then remembered everyone else was also tired. Best to tackle long races one day at a time.


Véronique Labonté – nominated by @Velowijf

For her blog – 39e au Tour de l’Ardèche which includes this video from the race


Ashleigh Moolman – Lotto Belisol – nominated by Jo van de Winkel


Rachel Neylan – MixTeam – nominated by anonymous


Sara Olsson – MixTeam – nominated by B

and for all her photos on her blog post: Tour de l’Ardèche – incredible! (Click through, there are loads!)


Emma Pooley – International MixTeam – nominated by Vik


Carla Ryan – For Viored – nominated by Vik


Marijn de Vries – Mixed team – nominated by @patrickkeiser, B, Tijl van de Winkel and an anonymous nominator

ADDED 7th SEPTEMBER – nominated by John CycloPunk

and nominated by lots of people, including John, Cycletard, Sean-VeloFocus, Jo van de Winkel, and probably more (sorry guys!) for her blog Sometimes we’re not women, we’re just cyclists.  I especially liked:

“I just cannot believe women are also capable of echelon riding and splitting the bunch in the wind,” he uttered totally flabbergasted after the first stage. The wind was very strong and after 10 kilometres, there was a 500 euro bonus sprint. That is a massive prize according to our standards. We happily ride our asses off for such an amount of money. Immediately, the bunch split apart. Christophe was ecstatic. “This is just like a men’s race! Incredibly exciting!” Four of us ended up in the first echelon, which made him even more happy. “Everyone told me I have a dream team, and it appears to be true!” Mind you, this was even before the climbing started – Emma’s favorite terrain. Emma, who is ex-world champ in time trialling and defending champion here in the Ardèche. When we hit the hills, Christophe got even more astonished. “The speed you make uphill is just madness. And most of you have such a great style on the bike,” he added in total disbelief. “So athletic. You look just like men, actually.”

AND for her other l’Ardèche blog, Whistle while you work, including

If you’re giving it all, you cannot handle a lot. So it didn’t take long before I felt like hitting the moto man in the lips so he wouldn’t be able to pucker up and whistle. After another minute I wished I had a gun. Not to murder the moto man, but to shoot myself in the head, so I didn’t have to hear that horrible whistling anymore.


And this isn’t in the running for the Jersey, so don’t vote for this, but check out Emma Pooley’s interview with the Daily Telegraph – it’s titled “International Cycling Union have turned women’s cycling into a Mickey Mouse sport“, and that’s just for starters!  Go Emma!

For more information on the Social Media Jersey, see our original post – with video, so you can listen to us talk about it too!  And if you have any questions, let us know!  We LOVE answering questions!

Sarah and Dan


The original jersey post

UPDATE from 24th August (short version: THANKYOU!!!)

UPDATE from 2nd September (Thankyou again!!!)

Nominations from Giro Toscana



18 thoughts on “UPDATED!! Social Media Jersey nominations from l’Ardèche and Brainwash!

  1. Gracie Elvin ‏@gracieelvin

    Stepped in dog poo, choked on a bug, broke a spoke (thanks for the wheel @Miffyg) but survived the first day of #BrainwashLadiesTour

  2. I nominate @Lex_Albrech of Optum Pro Cycling … and I will tell you why:

    As a racer, she can climb … and she can time-trial … In a crit or road race … she is very aggressive. She is either attacking … or working for teammates … or drilling it at the front. In fact … since she can climb, TT, do road races, and crits … and just won Best Young Rider … I think she is going to be a serious GC threat next year.

    In social media … she blogs, tweets, raises money for charity.

    AND … speaking of social media … she is one of the only racers with an Anroid fan boy app…that streams her content to anybody’s cell phone. How many racers on this list have an Android app besides Lex …


  3. I would like to nominate Marijn de Vries for her blogpost “Sometimes we’re not women, we’re just cyclists” which gives a really good insight in the world of women’s cycling and everything they are up against.

  4. Nominating Marijn de Vries for her beautiful piece on the Ardèche, “Sometimes we’re not women, we’re just cyclists.” I helped Marijn with the English translation of this story, and every time I read it (and there were a few…) I got all misty at the end. It’s just a delightful little snippet of the world of women’s cycling, and how surprising these women are.

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