The Social Media Jersey – Round 1 – Giro Toscana nominations

Thanks to everyone for sending in their nominations for riders who’ve blogged, tweeted and used social media at and about Giro Toscana – these are the first riders who are in the running for the real cash prizes in the  Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey competition. This is the post in which we’ll be aggregating the nominations for this race, starting with those that have been submitted thus far. Each nomination includes the name of the rider and a link to the piece of social media for which they were nominated (e.g. blog, tweet, video, etc.). In the case of riders with multiple nominations we’ll include additional links under the one rider name (in order to keep things simple). And of course, there’s still time to nominate in the comments.

We’ll also be collecting nominations from riders at the Tour de l’Ardèche and the Brainwash Ladies Tour – if you’d like to nominate, the details are here.  Nominations close on 13th September – and then we’ll open up the voting, so you can help choose the winners!

EDIT!  You can vote for the winners in the Megapoll, here!

Before we dive right in, just a quick update on the fundraising. Thank you again for every contribution and sharing of this idea. We’ve now raised just over $1600 and still have a couple of weeks to go. So please don’t forget to keep up the great work in getting some buzz going about this and to encourage more people to help us create the coolest new award in pro cycling. 🙂

Alright, let’s get into the nominations. Remember to actually click through to make sure you see any photos or other details, this post is just a summary! Here we go (oh and these are in no particular order – or maybe they’re in alphabetical order by rider surname, it’s hard to say for sure):

Marta Bastianelli – MCipollini-Giambenini

Che musica dalla nostra camera…si dormirà ??!! Male che va’ scendiamo anche noi tra un po’ !!in pigiamino pero’ 😳😳😜😜 #sexyovviamente 😄😄😄

— Marta Bastianelli(@martabasti) August 31, 2012

Giada Borgato – Diadora-Pasta Zara

Le russe insegnano che un bicchiere di vino è meglio di un massaggio!beviamo allora!!…

— giada borgato (@giadaborgato) August 30, 2012

Tiffany Cromwell – Orica-AIS

Tiffany Cromwell’s been nominated for her blogging on the Orica-AIS site and her twitter, too.

Her blog from Stage 1 – includes

Out on the course, there’s barely time to think. This course included three straight stretches of road separated by three hairpin corners. We raced in the the dark, and it was difficult to see. Essentially, it was like ‘Go, go, go as fast as you can. Eek. Corner. Go, go, go. Hairpin. Go, go, go. Small bend. Pavé.” and then suddenly it was the finish.

The finish was a bit tricky, too, because 10 meters past the finish, we had to come to a complete stop. It’s crazy to go from full gas to slamming on brakes in the space of 10 meters. Just past the finish line, the moto would pull off. Riders at the end of the prologue were directed into this tiny little shout off area otherwise they would run into the place where the other riders were starting. We’re still feeling the effects of this full gas effort, and suddenly we need to have enough wits about ourselves to stop. Immediately.

And some of her tweets:

Stage 1 done, day for the sprinters, I was happy to stay upright and safe. It had everything we love about italian racing … Chaos!!

— Tiffany Jane (@tiffanycromwell) August 30, 2012

Our hotel has a cool ‘old school’ Vespa collection, I’m sure they wouldn’t realize if one went missing.…

— Tiffany Jane (@tiffanycromwell) August 30, 2012

And a pretty impressive beer collection.…

— Tiffany Jane (@tiffanycromwell) August 30, 2012

Barbara Guarischi – Fassa Bortolo-Servetto

-5km gomitate,-3km gomitate e testate,-1km gomitate,testate e pedalinate.Qst sn le volate,c’è da finalizzare di più_7!#massafinia #tappa1

— Barbara Guarischi (@BabyG_90) August 30, 2012

Janel Holcomb – USA National Team

Surprise for me today: stage map online differed from race. So much for my top-secret recon & all the intervals I did on the cobbled climb!

— Janel Holcomb (@janelholcomb) September 1, 2012

Veronica Leal Balderas – S.C. Michela Fanini Rox

El codo de Alex después de el susto de hoy ,que miedo verla volar @valescandolara che fotografa che sei!…

— Vero leal balderas (@VERODIMENSION) September 1, 2012

Amanda Miller – Tibco

Mechanical. Bike change. Chase. Bike change. Chase. Climb. Rain. Descend. Ouch. But made final group at finish. @meganguarnier 2nd!

— Amanda Miller (@arae_miller) September 1, 2012

Meredith Miller – Tibco

Meredith Miller has been nominated for her race reports on her website, but particularly her Stage 2 report, for the photos she included of the stage – beautiful!

The photos were fantastic, but I (Dan) also really enjoy Meredith’s highly evocative writing style. Here’s just one paragraph from her stage 2 report:

With Lauren up the road, we were pretty happy with the race situation. Most other teams were as well. Faren Honda missed the move, so they weren’t as happy. In fact, they were doing quite a bit of work in an attempt to bring them back. The rest of us were sitting behind them, watching them attempt to get organized. Nicole Cooke (Faren Honda) must have died a thousand deaths on the front. She would take these monster pulls, get popped, come back to the front and take another huge pull before getting popped again. She did this over and over and over again.

Amber Pierce – Diadora-Pasta Zara

Prologue in the dark meant a big ol’ pothole surprise for me – momentary distraction can fully derail such a short effort. Onto tomorrow!

— Amber Pierce (Rais) (@ambermalika) August 29, 2012

Post-race dinner exploded in applause/cheers for her victory when Inga walked in after (many) hours at doping control. #GiroToscana 😀

— Amber Pierce (Rais) (@ambermalika) September 1, 2012

Precise, real-time calculation of time-cut while racing is an art. I must be getting good: still in the race & dead last on GC! 😀

— Amber Pierce (Rais) (@ambermalika) September 2, 2012

Ruth Winder – USA National Team

1st Italian race finished. 1st Italian crash. 1st euro race finished with the main group. Ok 15 seconds off it. Close enough! #babysteps

— Ruth Winder(@RuthWinder) August 30, 2012

You can find more updates from riders in the race on Sarah’s Giro Toscana twitter list – and for more on the whole Jersey competition, see our original post

And remember that our other races are starting shortly, so be on the lookout for riders and social media to nominate for those as well!

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