When I grow up I want to ride like Marianne Vos

I really, really love this t-shirt, and as soon as I get paid, I’m buying one, if there are any left!  It’s made by Jenny Wilson, who’s @freebirdvelo on twitter, and blogs at freebirdvelo.blogspot.com.  These t-shirts are on limited release on her Etsy store – click through for the unisex fit here, and the women’s fit here and buy one before they go!

25/11/12 Update: Those t-shirts have sold out, but there are some sizes still left – a large and an extra-large women’s fit t-shirt, and hoodies in small and medium sizes.  She’s also got a t-shirt inspired by Evelyn Stevens – “Evie would attack

28/11/12 Update: I’ve included information about these and other freebirdvelo t-shirts on my guide to Presents for women’s cycling fans – have a look at lots of great gift ideas for the men and women in your life who love women’s racing!

08/01/13 Update: There’s a new Freebirdvelo Marianne Vos design – check out my post on it!


7 thoughts on “When I grow up I want to ride like Marianne Vos

  1. Hello,

    In a few months I’m expecting a babygirl and it will be great to let her wear a mini-T with the Marianne Vos text on it.
    Do you sell these ans if so, what are the costs?

    Grtz Angelo Roitero

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