The Social Media Jersey – NOMINATIONS!

We’ve had such a fantastic week of fundraising, and we’re aiming to keep going until we can raise as much as possible, but it’s now time for the Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey competition to start in earnest – we’re opening up nominations to win the prizes!

Who is the Jersey for?

The Jersey is a prize for any rider racing the Giro Toscana (29th August – 2nd September), Tour de l’Ardèche (3rd-9th September) and the Brainwash Ladies Tour (4th-9th September) who produces any kind of social media about those races.  So this week, nominations open just for Toscana.  The social media can be in any language, or any platform – eg blogs, team sites, twitter, flickr, youtube, facebook, instagram etc etc – as long as it’s publicly viewable (so not a private or friends-only facebook, or protected twitter)

Riders can be nominated for just 1 tweet, a photo, or for a whole series of blogs, or for a range of different social media.

Who can nominate?

ANYONE can nominate!  If you’re a fan, friend, family of any of the riders or the teams – even team-mates can nominate something they’ve seen.

If you’re new to women’s cycling, and don’t know where to start, my social media series gives some riders who might have some interesting content – and CQ Ranking have a list of riders’ websites, which are great places to look for blogs.  VeloFocus have made a startlist for Brainwash that includes links to riders’ twitter and blogs – and I’ve got a twitter list of all the tweeting riders at the Tour de l’Ardèche


How to nominate

There are a number of ways to nominate riders.  You can leave a comment under this post, or tweet either Dan (@entendered) or me (@_pigeons_) or email us at prowomenscycling[at]gmail[dot]com.  You need to include:

  • a link to the rider’s social media url
  • the name you want published as nominator (can be your real name, handle, or anonymous)
  • if you want, we’d also love to know what you liked about what you’re nominating.  This isn’t compulsory, but it would make us happy!

The nomination period closes at 17:00 CEST Wednesday 13th September (that’s 4pm UK, 11am USA Eastern, 8am USA Pacific and 1am on 14th in Sydney, Australia)


What will happen next?

We’ll publish all the nominations riders from Toscana over the course of the voting period, and from  l’Ardèche and Brainwash as they come in.  We’ll publish everything that’s been nominated, and on 14th September, we’ll open the voting process.  That closes after Worlds, on 22nd September.  We’ll then announce the winner – and how much the final prizes will be.

We’ll also get in touch with everyone who has donated, to arrange their thankyou-rewards, once the funding window closes on 21st September – and we’ll keep you updated at every step right here!


How you can help!

We’re completely overwhelmed and grateful for all the support you’ve given us, with your comments, retweets, mentions on facebook and blogs, and, of course, the donations.  We’d love it if you can continue to help us spread the word – especially because one of our big aims with all this is to show how fabulous the women’s peloton are, and how fans love and support women’s cycling.

You can also help riders by clicking through to their blogs and leaving comments, and following them and RTing on twitter and other platforms like flickr, and liking their blogs on facebook, etc etc.  It sounds like a small thing, but it really does make a difference to riders and teams – and it shows sponsors that they’re good value, too.

And, of course, if you’d like to donate, we’d really appreciate it.  The more money we raise, the more prizes we can give out!


More information (updated as we add more)

Thank you all very much for the support – we really can’t say that enough!

Sarah and Dan


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