Things I’ve been writing

It’s been a busy writing day for me – I was completely gutted to hear that one of the biggest teams in the women’s peloton, AA, are finishing at the end of the year.  It appears the title sponsor, AA Drink, are finishing their sponsorship (again) and Micheal Zijlaard and Leontien van Moorsel won’t be chasing more, but will step away from women’s cycling.  It’s such a huge shame – so I wrote about it on Podium Café, and there’s some really good conversation in the comments.

I spent a bit of the evening talking about AA Drink on my twitter, and things that could be done to help women’s cycling – and since I was talking about it, the lovely people at Cyclingnews invited me to write a piece for them, about what I think could be done.  Of course I said yes – as you can tell from listening to the podcasts, this is something I care a lot about, and oh yes, I have ideas! But for once I kept it simple – and you can read my Four Simple Ways To Develop Women’s Cycling if you follow the link.  Please follow the link!

A lot of those ideas come from conversations I’ve had over the years, on Podium Café, with Matrix Prendas DS Stef Wyman, and of course, podcasting with Dan.  Those are just the start of my manifesto – and if you agree, disagree, or have ideas you want to share, leave them in the comments!


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