Photos from the 2012 Olympic Time Trial

Shara Gillow, Olympic Time Trial

I was really lucky, and got tickets to the Olympic ITT startline at Hampton Court palace.  I was the one at the barriers yelling like a loon, banging the barriers and shouting for every rider by name, until I pretty much lost my voice, and Vik, Ben and Bec were laughing at me.

But I wasn’t the biggest fangirl by any stretch of the imagination – directly opposite us where the Dutch royal family, and those little princesses were even more excited than I was, when Ellen van Dijk and Marianne Vos started!  (I would have taken photos, my I was too busy yelling!)
The Dutch royal family

The guys on the left are members of the Swedish royal family too, if you like royals!  I like anyone who likes women’s cycling…
Emilia Fahlin
We cheered each rider, and then stood and watched the riders on the big screen – so tense, but the crowds were awesome, with little clusters of people who were clearly there for their favourites

Pia Sundstedt's supporters

I’d show you the photos of the Medal Ceremony, but in one of those very British ways, the podium was about 20cm high, so it was impossible to see the riders over the heads of all the photographers. But we cheered our hearts out anyway. Here’s what it looked like, without the photographers, but with Fabian Cancellara (I don’t think he could help himself, with that photo opp!)
Fabian Cancellara

Hanging out and watching the men’s race, we found some familiar faces – the Ellen van Dijk fan club turned out to be her family, and Shara Gillow came out to watch the men’s race with her father, David – double Olympians, as David cycled for Zimbabwe in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.
Shara Gillow and her fan club
Lovely day! There are more of my race photos, and my London trip, on my flickr, head through and have a look!
Watching the Olympic Time Trials

All photos copyright Sarah Connolly – please don’t try to use them without my permission – I bet if you ask, I’ll be more than happy to say yes!


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