Episode 7 – Now with theme music*

Episode 7 – Now With Theme Music* (originally posted 28 June 2012)

Ok, so first up I reminisce about my former colleague & music producer Andy Sorenson. Interestingly his band that I steal music from is called the dwarfs, this is specifically interesting because in the not too distant future Sarah and I discuss the vindictiveness of cycling smurfs. We get there via some of the best and most entertaining stories to come out of the Women’s National races during the week. Among other things Sharon Laws is mistaken for an U23 rider and she is so happy she won’t give the jersey back (this may or may not be a true story).

Sarah and I also discuss the etymology of Swedish swearing and generally isolate our entire Swedish audience. We also do a bit of a wrap up of various blog articles about women’s cycling that have come out during the week. We discuss makeup tips for the pro women and the generally glamour filled life women cyclists lead. I reveal my detailed knowledge of what it’s like to be a woman and Sarah claims to be “the least good makeup person ever”.

I take a bit of time to gush about Stef Wyman’s blog on how to start fixing women’s cycling and I uncover the secret that this year the Giro Donne is entirely downhill time trials while Sarah sticks with reality. Neither of us advocate piracy.

I credit Stef Wyman with inspiring this week’s crazy idea and Sarah accuses me of stalking Stef, then tells me how to stalk Stef successfully. Sarah also tells me that my idea isn’t crazy enough. We end the show by apologising for me. You’ll understand why in about (49.07min / 44.95MB)

*for those who may be interested the dwarfs are a 2 piece band, keys and drums. Andy Sorenson and Jay McNeill being the members, and the track used here (Circuit Breaker) was actually recorded as a live soundcheck before a gig one night in Sydney back in 96. You can find more of Andy and his music here.


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