Episode 6 – Hellmouths and Math

Episode 6 – Hellmouths and Math (originally posted 21 June 2012)

Holy shit it’s been a busy week in the world of women’s cycling! We’ve got heaps to cover and we manage to have a good amount of fun along the way. In fact if you don’t laugh at least once while listening this week, I’ll give you your money back!

Let’s see, we start with Sarah being touched (inappropriately?) by the sun before discussing the Raboster race and smiley, happy (Dutch) people. I suggest that we may soon encounter a Tasmanian separatist movement and we expose a plot by Australian convicts to steal all your races. I defend the honour of American brewing and Helen Wyman launches a surprise attack. We invent a new super-extreme triathlon and Emma Pooley makes a mountain out of rolling hills.

I solve some complicated maths problems (Sarah owes me a beer). We talk about the apocalypse, NVGP and the location of the new hellmouth. I get kind of serious for almost a minute, then I do more maths and we hear a great story about the Italian national champs. Sarah starts a vicious rumour about my smoking. I pose the Zen koan riddle “Are bigger ovaries better?” and we bring the ass back to the women’s peloton. And then we end the show with a surprising visual!

This one’s a long one, but I promise it’s worth it. (51:56min / 47.55MB)


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