Episode 10 – The Product is Valuable

Episode 10 – The Product is Valuable (originally posted 20 July 2012)



This week we kick things off in style with our most ebullient opening yet, before we launch into philosophical problem solving as we try to work out what exactly a sausage stand is. I discover a specific circumstance under which I’d be willing to consider gender reassignment surgery, although it’s probably not necessary and Sarah gives you more information on Thüringen Rundfahrt.

Sarah and I see things differently on this article from Outside magazine. This also leads us to talk about Stef Wyman’s article for cyclismas which addresses some of the same issues from a different point of view.

I accidentally do an impersonation of a “real Aussie” according to Sarah before working my way through a quick, sweary list of practical things we (the fans) can do to help women’s cycling. I get really, really fucking excited about Vyclone.com

And then we wrap things up by reminding ourselves that the product is valuable. (53:27MIN / 42.47MB)


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