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Videos from the 2015 women’s Flèche Wallonne

Oh Flèche, how I wish I could watch you live on tv because this course is so gorgeous, and the Mur de Huy…. But we have the next best thing, videos and photos!

For Dutch people only, here are the NOS video highlights.  And for everyone, the UCI’s short highlights film

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How to follow the 2015 women’s Flèche Wallonne, live–ish

April 21, 2015 1 comment

Round 4 of the 2015 Road World Cup, and we’re back in Belgium for one of the most stunning climbs in cycling, the Mur de Huy.  Now, like the Ronde van Vlaanderen, we don’t get to see this race live, but I can help you follow it as it happens.

We start in Huy on Wednesday 22nd April at 11:40 CEST (10:40am UK BST; 5:40am N American EDT; 7:40pm Aussie AEST) and the race hits the Mur for the first time between 13:15 and 13:26 CEST and finishes there between 14:56 and 15:18 CEST.  In some years the live men’s coverage (which you’ll find on sites like these) has cut live to show the women’s finish, but while I’ll be ecstatic about that, please don’t hold your breath.  There could be highlights of the women after the men finish, but again, this isn’t guaranteed.

So, for live updates, we turn to twitter.  I have a list of all the accounts that tweet from races, and this will auto–update, so you can find out what’s happening, and there’s a race twitter I’ve included on that, which I hope will give us women’s race information. I’m expecting a live thread on Podium Café too.  There will be video highlights on the UCI Youtube, with a short clip appearing within 24 hours, and a 26 min show within a week or so.  And of course I’ll put up a post with any videos I find here, like I did for last year’s race.

You can find lots of information on the race website, including all the route details, and the startlist, and there’s the usual great preview on Velofocus, a preview & discussion thread on VeloRooms, and a preview on the UCI website.  And if you want to know about what it’s like to race, I interviewed 2010 winner Emma Pooley about it last year (listen or read it) and Sharon Laws this year (listen here).  And for what it’s like to experience as a fan, my photos, interviews and report from the Hitec team car at the 2013 race, over on Podium Café.

Not enough for you?  Well, here’s an extra treat from the wonderful Valentina Scandolara  her video diary from the last World Cup round, the Ronde van Vlaanderen

Sarah interviews…. Sharon Laws

April 19, 2015 1 comment

Podcast interview logoSharon Laws is a fascinating rider, one of those who gave up a good career to race bikes, and she’s had more than her share of adventures since then.  Last year she was racing in the USA with UnitedHealthcare, but she’s back in Europe for 2015 after signing for the reinvigorated super–team Bigla, although her season got off to a bad start when she broke her collarbone in the Tour of Qatar.

She told me about all that, and more, and previews Wednesday’s Flèche Wallonne World Cup, with a great take on what it’s like to ride the Mur de Huy. (25:06 mins, 39.1mb)

Listen to the podcast interview here (Right click, save-as to download)

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You can follow Sharon on her twitter, and find out more about her on Bigla team rider profile – and of course, follow the Bigla twitter too.  And you can read my previous interviews with Sharon from 2011 and from 2013 on Podium Café, and an audio interview with her from the 2014 Friends Life Women’s Tour.

The women’s Flèche Wallonne Road World Cup won’t have a live stream, but there will be highlights videos on the UCI youtube and maybe some highlights on the men’s race coverage.  I’ll follow the race live with my twitter list, which is the nearest thing to a feed, and I have more ways to follow the race in my guide.  You can find out more about the course, startlist, history and more on the race website, and on Velofocus’ preview.

Videos and more from the 2015 Lourdes Downhill MTB World Cup

Oh my goodness, MTB is BACK!  You know how much I love Downhill, right?  Here’s the collection of things I’ve found so far from the first World Cup of the season…

The full World Cup replay is over here on Red Bull tv – starting with the women, then going on to the men.  And here are the UCI highlights

Want more videos?  You’re in luck!

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Podcast 2015 Episode 9 – Technically Germany

April 15, 2015 Leave a comment

Podcast logoHey team, it’s only fair that we warn you straight up this week might be one of our best episodes ever (especially with the epic troll Sarah pulls on Dan about two-thirds of the way through). Sarah’s just got back from volunteering at the Energiewacht Tour (or possibly from Technically Germany, though Dan’s suspicious that it’s not a real place) and there’s so much to talk about. Sarah’s sleep deprived and Dan’s coffee deprived. Somehow we manage to discuss the race in detail and laugh maniacally along the way. It’s probably the fault of the seals. We also quickly recap Redlands and some other stuff. (1:17:11 MIN / 74.1 MB)

To stream the episode in all its deprivational glory, click here (right-click, save-as to download).

You can subscribe for free automated updates via the iTunes store here (and do take the time to give us a rating if you can, it helps nudge us up the rankings) or via our RSS feed here.

Things we talked about this week

Energiewacht Tour

Check out the videos for the stags (These videos start with the “samenvatting”, the highlights, and down the side have the full coverage – “deel 1 van 3″ is part 1 of 3 etc)

All of Sarah’s audio interviews from the race are on the Energiewacht Tour Soudcloud – and her photos are all through the Energiewacht Tour twitter (here’s the photostream)

Here’s Gracie Elvin‘s video diary


This was adorable – Nettie Edmondson congratulates her brother Alex on his u23 Tour of Flanders win


UnitedHealthCare’s TTT camp

26 minute video from the 2015 women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen

I know you can’t get enough of the Tour of Flanders….  here’s the UCI’s longer highlights video.  All the other videos I’ve found are over in this post – and make sure you read Chloe Hosking’s blog and Emma Johansson’s really moving blog for different perspectives on the race too…

How to watch the Energiewacht Tour LIVE!!

This is a very, very special week for women’s cycling – the first women’s stage race to be streamed live on live, and shown on TV stations – so it’s no surprise it’s the Energiewacht Tour, who make a point of being more ambitious every year.

I have to admit bias here – the race is hosting me so I can be part of their huge volunteer team that runs it – you can find me on their social media throughout 8th-12th April.  But that’s happened because I love it, not the reason why I do.

It’s so “women’s cycling”: on paper it always looks like flat, easy stages, but this race is always about the peloton using the wind to rip each others’ legs off.  It’s all about how well riders can echelon, how they can use tactics to outsprint the bunch sprinters – or how the sprinters can foil the endless attacks.  It has a Junior women’s race on the same roads as the elite women, one of only 3 or 4 women’s team time trials, and it always has great tv, but this year they’re going one better, going live.

You can watch it on, live, repeated and on demand – and there’ll be highlights shows and a documentary too – check out the tv schedule.  If you’re in the Netherlands you can watch it on Dutch tv channel 12, ZIGGO.

There are 6 stages over 5 days, and here’s the schedule:

  • Prologue Wednesday 8th April – live 19:00-22:00 Euro CEST (6-9pm UK BST; 1-4pm N American EDT; 3-6am Aussie AEST)
  • Stage 1, Thursday 9th April – 14:00-17:00 CEST (from 1pm BST; 8am EDT, 11pm AEST)
  • Stage 2a, the TTT & Stage 2b, Friday 10th April – from 14:00
  • Stage 3, Saturday 11th April – from 12:00 CEST (11am BST; 6am EDT; 8pm AEDT)
  • Stage 4, on the German island of Borkum, Sunday 12th April, from 12:00

Click through to each link for stage details, or check out Velofocus’ great race preview.

You can also keep up with the action on the race twitter, twitter hashtag #EWT15 and through their facebook.  If you miss my interviews, I’m putting little short ones up on the race Soundcloud. If you’ve any questions about it while I’m here, I’m @_pigeons_ on twitter, or you can ask me below.  Can’t wait for this, it’s going to be great!


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