Podcast 2017 Episode 35 – The Best of the Year

This week we recap our highlights and best parts of the 2017 women’s road season. It’s been an amazing year of racing and there’s so much to celebrate. From the spring classics through to worlds in Norway, we’ve got opinions on them all! Get your best of the year opinions now! (1:32:44 MIN / 86.91 MB)

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Podcast 2017 Episode 7 – It Will Be a Dutch Alp


This week we celebrate our vindication for having such lofty expectations of Strade Bianche. It was such an exciting and gripping race with one of the most exciting finales we’ve seen in recent years. Once we’re done recapping that (it takes a while)we take a look ahead at the Ronde van Drenthe, and then we get into an interesting and maybe controversial proposal for a new race series. (1:36:58 MIN / 88.79 MB)

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Check back in a few hours, Sarah will have all the links updated for you shortly!

Things we talked about this week included

This week’s racing

Videos from Strade Bianche to come

The 2017 Paracycling Track World Championships

Photos from the UCI’s facebook – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4

Follow and watch the 2017 women’s Strade Bianche

Saturday 4th March

The 2017 Women’s WorldTour starts with Strade Bianche – only 2 years old, but an instant Classic, with the gorgeous short, sharp hills of Tuscany, and those white gravel sections, not only climbs but also descents, and that stunning finish up the steep, beautiful narrow streets of Siena.  It’s hard to believe this race hasn’t been around forever, because it made such a huge impression.

There’s rumours of the women’s finish being streamed during the men’s coverage – and Voxwomen says that the last hour of the women’s race will be streamed live on the pay-to-view Eurosport Player and other channels.  Or maybe after the men’s race has finished, there’ll apparently be a half hour highlights programme on Italian station RAI Sport, and on some forms of Eurosport, including the Eurosport Player. It’s all a bit confusing, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Check your local Eurosport schedule (eg here’s the UK) – it’s not obvious if it will be shown on British Eurosport, for example and of course, if you don’t have the channel, look for streams here, here and here – they’ll tell you where the men’s is shown.  Apparently there could also be something about the women from 13:45 CET (12:45pm UK GMT/8:45am EDT/11:45pm Aussie AEST) but I can’t promise.  (And yes, it would be massively helpful if the race or the UCI had a place where they shared this, wouldn’t it?).

The race starts at 9:30 European CET (8:30am UK GMT/3:30am USA EDT/00:30 PDT/ 7:30pm Australian AEST) and is due to finish around 13:00 CET (midday GMT, 8am EDT, 11pm AEST) – full timings here (make sure you click on women’s at top, before hitting the sub-menus).

The race twitter is here – it seems there’s no separate hashtag for the women, so there’s the general #StradeBianche or the WorldTour hashtag #UCIWWT – or my trusted way is following my list of women’s cycling live tweeters, who’ll certainly tell you if a new # pops up (follow Peter van der Veen, especially!).

Tons of information on the excellent race website – including the course details (click ‘women’ at top right) and the startlist.  And if you can’t wait for the race, check out all the videos and media from last year, and 2015 in here.

Podcast 2016 Episode 36 – EPIC (That’s a Technical Term)

Podcast logoHey remember that time a few days ago when Sarah and Dan started talking about all the Best of the Year categories that VeloVoices are going to be holding voting on this week, and it took them an hour to get through the first category? Well they’re back! And this time they’re determined to get through all of the other categories (including the two extra ones that Sarah made up so that she could fit everyone in that she wanted to) no matter how long it takes!

Look, we’re not gonna lie, this podcast is EPIC (that’s a technical term). It’s huge. It’s long enough to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s got more plot, more drama and more action than your standard Hollywood blockbuster, so there’s that! How could it not be when we’re discussing Best Race Finish of the Year, Best Breakthrough Rider of the Year, Unsung Heroines of the Peloton for the Year, Unsung Heroes/Heroines Behind the Scenes and Step-Up Rider of the Year?

So many great and worthy nominees, so much to argue about! Make sure you’re stocked up on time and refreshments, this one’s perfect for that long drive to see all your extended family for the holidays. Here goes… (1:59:50 MIN / 109.72MB)

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And listen to, and read, our nominations for 2016 women’s cycling Rider of the Year.

Best race finish

There were so, so many fantastic racing moments this season, and it was especially exciting as we got more live racing, and long highlights, than ever before.  In chronological order…

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Podcast 2016 Episode 7 – Dan Will Fight You In Real Life (Over Your Commentary)

Podcast logo

This week we catch up on the highs and lows of Strade Bianche (which was an AMAZING race), and also talk about a little bit of controversy that befell several riders. There’s the last of the Track World Championships to cover, and there’s some interesting news about electric bikes and a great story out of the US about Black Girls Do Bike. Also Dan possibly challenges a commentator to a fight. There’s heaps to catch up on, so strap yourself in and enjoy! (1:08:16 MIN / 62.48 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

This week’s racing

Videos and links from the 2016 Strade Bianche – including all the race reports we talked about.  Sarah was also on a Velocast Round Table talking about the Women’s World Tour & Strade Bianche, which you can listen to here.

Videos from the last 3 days of the 2016 Track World Championships.

Dead Sea-Scorpion Pass, with incredible scenery

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2016 women’s Strade Bianche – videos and more

It was a bittersweet day – the launch on the Women’s World Tour, which the UCI promised us would transform women’s cycling, with one of the most exciting, instant Classics, the Strade Bianche – wow!  The racing sounded so exciting from twitter, the bits we could find out thanks to people tweeting from team cars, but unfortunately the coverage wasn’t great, with the race not tweeting much, the UCI stopping their women’s cycling twitter, and a lack of pictures…  BUT let’s celebrate what we do have.  I’ll write more about the implications later, but the tl;dr will be that it was a glorious race, ridden really well, and deserved a lot more coverage.  Luckily, there’s always home-made media!  I’ve got a collection of videos, photos, results and more media.

Let’s start with the 4.5 min highlights on Sporza (may be geo-restricted) 5 mins in English on SBS Cycling Central and 30 mins from RAI

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How to follow the 2016 women’s Strade Bianche LIVE

On Saturday 5th March, it’s the first ever Women’s World Tour race, and one of the most exciting events of the season – the Strade Bianche!  It’s only been raced once, in 2015, but it became an instant Classic, and such a wonderful way to kick off the new World Tour, starting and finishing in beautiful Siena, and including 22km of those iconic white gravel roads.  I’ll always be gutted that we can’t watch it live, but we can still follow it as it happens, and watch the highlights.

And if you want to indulge in some more 2015 Strade joy, check out the videos and media from last year, in this podcast post.  And here’s last year’s winner, Megan Guarnier, talking about what it was like to ride:

How to follow the race

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