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Podcast Special Feature – Sarah Interviews Ellen van Dijk

April 3, 2014 2 comments

Podcast logoHeading into the Ronde van Vlaanderen (which really is on Sunday despite Sarah saying Saturday) Sarah interviews the fabulous Ellen van Dijk. The World ITT champion and two-time World TTT champion (she’s even a Scratch Race world champion on the track!) talks about riding for Boels and what is in store for her this year.  Enjoy this special feature. (27:27 MIN / 26.35 MB)

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If podcasts aren’t your thing, you can also read the transcript of this interview on Podium Café.

To find out more about Ellen, follow her website, her twitter and her Strava – and follow her team, Boels-Dolmans, on their website and twitter.

Watch Ellen win the 2013 Individual Time Trial gold

and re-uniting with the Netherlands National Team afterwards

Fore more on the 2014 Ronde van Vlaanderen, check out Velofocus’ excellent preview

Podcast 2014 – Episode 8 – Special Feature – Sarah interviews Emma Johansson

March 28, 2014 3 comments

Podcast logo This week we bring you a special feature as Sarah sits down to interview the reigning world number one, Emma Johansson! Sarah talks one-on-one with the Orica-AIS rider ahead of Trofeo Binda and Ronde van Vlaanderen which they discuss in detail and how Emma prepares for those, along with how she thinks Binda will unfold and who she’s keeping an eye on as the World Cup races continue. Sarah asks Emma about being last year’s number one rider and if she’d prefer to win the races outright or the overall. They also discuss her role promoting Belgium and tourism in Flanders, along with how she’s managed to be adopted by pretty much every country she’s ever been to (as a side note Dan reckons she totally has been adopted by Australia, her English accent is half Aussie now!!!). It’s a great interview, so enjoy! (34:26 MIN / 33.06 MB)

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If podcasts aren’t your thing, you can read a transcript of the interview over on Podium Café

To follow Emma through the season, please do check out her website, and follow her on twitter – and you can follow her facebook fanpage.  Emma’s team, ORICA-AIS give regular updates on her progress – follow their news section, and keep an eye on their twitter, too.

Emma made a great video for Visit Flanders, and we recommend you watch it:

If you want to follow the Trofeo Alfredo Binda as it happens on Sunday, here’s Sarah’s guide


Podcast 2014 Episode 2 – Gracie Elvin

February 3, 2014 1 comment

Podcast logo G’day everyone! We greet you in the traditional Australian fashion as this week reigning Australian national road champion Gracie Elvin joins us from Doha, Qatar to tell us about defending her champion’s jersey, all things ORICA, last year’s season and this year’s plans. Gracie talks us through what it was like to defend her national championship, the team expectations, the moment she was dropped from the lead group on the final climb and what it meant to take the win. We also talk about last year’s edition of the Ladies Tour of Qatar and the lessons ORICA-AIS learned there, before taking a glimpse at what’s ahead this week. Gracie also lets on that she’s looking for inspiration for her next series of videos on her YouTube channel this year. This is where we started talking about finger puppets. Also, at one point we suggested staring contests. General hilarity and wisdom (the wisdom was from Gracie) ensues. (45:44 MIN / 43.90 MB)

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Links to what we talked about this week

You can follow Gracie through her season on her twitter, website and youtube, and of course through the race reports on the ORICA-AIS website.  And if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see in her videos and blogs this year, please do get in touch.

Gracie came second in last year’s Tour of Qatar Stage 1:

and here are all the other videos from the 2013 race – including the last few kilometres of Stage 2.

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Podcast 2014 Episode 1 – Marijn de Vries!

January 3, 2014 4 comments

Podcast logoIt’s our first episode for 2014 and holy shit did we go all-out to start on a high! The ever superb Marijn de Vries stopped by to talk with us, and Sarah and I were so starstruck that we forgot to swear for the entire podcast (Marijn saved that day and taught us some naughty Dutch)! We did remember to talk though. We discussed all sorts of stuff from frozen eyeballs, spring classics, racing and goals for 2014,  to new teams, and MUCH more! It’s a great conversation and Marijn has a lot of keen insights, so get a large sized portion of your favourite beverage, sit back and get ready to enjoy. (1:03:16 MIN / 60.74 MB)

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Our Marijn links

If you want to follow Marijn (of course I assume you already are!) her blog in Dutch and in English – and she’s @MarijnFietst on twitter.   And if you want to know more about the book she wrote with Nynke de Jong, it’s called Vrouw & Fietst, and you can buy it from Dutch bookseller…. and if you know of any English publishers, tell them we really NEED it in English too!

Marijn will be racing for Argos-Shimano in 2014 (under their soon-to-be-announced new name) – make sure you follow them on twitter and like them on facebook.


Some of Marijn’s specific blog posts we talked about…

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Podcast 2013 Episode 39 – Monique Hanley Teaches Us How To Change the World

December 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Podcast logo This week we interview one of Dan’s cycling heroes! Monique Hanley joins us to talk about cycling administration and culture change. Monique is on the Executive Board of Cycling Victoria and the Women’s Commission for Cycling Australia, and she’s worked on a lot of significant projects within those roles over the last few years. Her list of achievements are many and yet she’s still gracious, humble and looking ahead to the next challenges. It’s a great interview into a side of the sport that we don’t get to hear all that much about very often. Dan’s especially excited when Monique explains to him how it’s theoretically possible to get himself appointed to all the UCI cycling commissions. It’s a cracking interview, enjoy! (1:00:01 MIN / 57.62 MB)

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Stuff we talked about includes:

If you want to know more about Monique, here are the two parts of a recent interview with Australian sports site The Roar – part 1 and part 2.  And you can always contact her on her twitter.

Here’s a video interview with Monique from Australian Tour de France tv show Le Tour Prologue this summer, on her racing life and riding with Type 1 Diabetes, including riding across Canada, riding the Race Across America and more.

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Podcast 2013 – Episode 38 – The Trifecta of Accents

November 24, 2013 2 comments

Podcast logo Our title comes from the fabulous Clara Beard, who talks to us about growing up as an American in Britain and what it was like to race in Europe and the US. She also tells us why she left racing and why she came back (via Tour Tracker). Later in the podcast we turn the tables somewhat and let Clara exercise her professional journalist side by interviewing Sarah and me. We talk about what changes we think need to happen in cycling (along with some of our pet peeves) and Clara explains what really happened with the coverage of the women’s time trial at the Tour of California. We also cast our minds forward to 2014 and realise we’re already very excited about what the coming year holds! (1:27:37 MIN / 84.11 MB)

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Podcast 2013 – Episode 37 – The World’s European Champion of America

November 13, 2013 1 comment

Podcast logo This week Helen Wyman drops by to talk to us about all things cyclocross including how it was to win Koppenberg Cross and then successfully defend her European Championship. We also talk technical stuff like her new Chicane tyres from Challenge and her disc brake setup. She gives us some insight into the ‘cross riders to be watching out for when Worlds rolls around and tells us some great stories about races from the past and more recent times. We laugh a lot and swear a bit too! ( 1:14:43 MIN / 71.73 MB)

To stream the crossingest cross-related crosscast ever recorded then click here (right-click, save-as to download).

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To find out more about Helen, visit her excellent website, and follow her twitter, and like her facebook fan page.

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Stories from the Flèche Wallonne Femmes

April 21, 2013 3 comments

Team Hitec, before the Flèche Wallonne

Hitec before the Flèche Wallonne – Sarah Connolly

I was so incredibly lucky to spend the 2013 women’s Flèche Wallonne with the fantastic Hitec Products UCK.  I’ve got some stories and galleries of photos about my adventures on Podium Cafépart 1 is all about the race preparations, and part 2 is about seeing the race from the team car, and the post-race experience.  You can also see more of my photos on flickr, and listen to Dan and me talk about it on our podcast.

For other people’s views of the race, Jane Aubrey reported on it for Cyclingnews and CJ Farquharson has a race report and photos on her, and more photos on CJFoto and on Cyclingnews.  There are team reports from ORICA-AIS, Argos-Shimano, a blog by Loren Rowney on the Specialized-lululemon site, a blog by Ashleigh Moolman on her first World Cup podium, and a blog about his first time at a women’s pro race from the head of Wiggle, Humphrey Cobbold.

And of course, there are videos – here are all the ones I’ve found so far.  I’ll be posting interviews with Hitec riders next week – keep an eye out on the Podium Café women’s section.  Massive, huge, enormous thanks to Karl Lima, Hitec’s manager, for organising such an amazing time – I loved every moment, and appreciate it totally!

Edit!  Here are the first interviews – with Hitec’s Elisa Longo Borghini and Lotto-Belisol‘s Ashleigh Moolman, after the podium results – on Podium Café here.  And here’s my interview with Rachel Neylan, on the race, and triumphing over adversity to win silver at Worlds.

Edit again! And my interview with Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen

Podcast Episode 26 – Merry Crossmas with Helen Wyman!

December 24, 2012 9 comments

So the fantastic Helen Wyman joined us after a big weekend of racing, at Essen and Namur to talk ‘cross. She gives us a great preview of the Lousville worlds, designs her perfect cross course and talks about how she’d haunt her husband (my mancrush Stef Wyman) if she died before him. We had a great time talking with Helen and learned a lot about where the state of women’s cyclocross is at and where she sees the future of the sport too. Thanks to Helen for making the time. You really do want to listen to this one! It’s perfect for that drowsy time post-Christmas lunch. (01:01:05 MIN / 58.65 MB)

You can stream it by clicking here (right-click, save-as to download it).

Or you can find it over in the iTunes store here.

Helen talked to us the evening after racing the INSANE cyclocross Namur World Cup.  Watch a 9-minute highlights video on Sporza.  And on Saturday she raced the ridiculously muddy BPost Trofee Essen – check out the photos of the race on

Edit!  And here’s 43 minutes of the race coverage, seen via CyclingFever

Helen has one of the best rider websites out there, at – we especially recommend her blogs, and the video pages.  And while you’re there, click through to her sponsors and show them some love!

Here’s Helen’s section on the Kona team website which will tell you more about her.  Helen rides the Kona Major Jake, if you want to see more – and it’s Challenge who are making her the special tyres she talks about.

If you want to go to Louisville and cheer Helen on at the CX Worlds, then buy your tickets on the website.  That site is great – and follow the race twitter for all the news leading up to and during the Worlds.

Video of Helen’s win at the 2012 European CX Championships, from Petitesreines (Sarah keeps linking to this video, but it’s fantastic!)

We didn’t talk about it, but you absolutely have to follow Helen on twitter!

Podcast Episode 25 – Interview with an Amber

December 7, 2012 10 comments

Holy shit you guys, it’s Amber Pierce! Sarah and I are thrilled to be able to bring you our first ever interview and even more thrilled to have been able to con Amber out of a bunch of time so we get to have a great chat with the inventor of #ClickThruThurs.

Seriously, Amber’s all around great and we had a great time talking to her. This is totally worth the listen. Among other things Amber gives us a very honest glimpse of life as a pro cyclist, and tells us some of the lessons she has learned. She has a lot of wisdom for all of us. Also she admits she would make out with Pat McQuaid (true!).

We had a huge amount of fun recording this podcast and I’m sure you’ll love it. Actually it was so much fun that it carried on after the recording. At one point in the podcast, Amber answers a question with precise scientific terminology that actually is plausible. I immediately called “bullshit” and accused Amber of just using big words that none of us understood to get away with it. My favourite moment of the day was arriving home this evening to find an email from Amber with a copy of her research paper on the topic that addresses the substance of her claim. I’ve made sure to include the link to her paper below :)

Thanks again to Amber!    (1:06:19MIN / 63.68MB)

You can stream the podcast by clicking here (or right-click, save-as to download).

Or grab it from iTunes over here.

This week’s links

If you think we asked all the wrong questions, and want to ask her some of your own, join Amber on her next live Q&A session, where she answers anything and everything you ask on video.  The Q&A will be on Sunday 16th December (keep an eye on Amber’s twitter for the time)  and you can join in at the Glacier Glove facebook page – you don’t need to sign in to fb to watch or join in!  And if you can’t make that, you can always ask Amber your questions via her twitter – she’s very friendly, drop by and say hello!

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