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Podcast 2014 Episode 36 – The Swedish Gods Unleashed Hell

August 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Podcast logoIt’s been a couple of weeks since we last recorded (sorry, but sometimes we need to take a week off, catch our breath and regroup to get through to the end of the season – think of it like us having a rest day in the middle of the grand tour that is the season). Anyway, we catch up on ALL the racing since last time we spoke which includes the Ladies Tour of Norway, Vårgårda World Cups – Team Time Trial and Road Race, the last of this year’s MTB World Cups in Méribel, and even the Tour of the King Valley in the Australian National Road Series. We also discuss how far we’ve come in the last couple of years with improved video coverage and how that results in shifting our expectations from races (in a good way), and so much other stuff. It’s an amazing episode and it’s here for you to enjoy right now! (1:32:42 MIN / 89.00 MB)


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Links to things we saw around the web this week


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How HAS women’s cycling changed in the last few years?

June 30, 2014 11 comments

I was asked this question earlier today, and it really got me thinking.  I’m still riding the high of hanging out at the British National Road Championships, and talking to inspiring riders like Emma Pooley (read my post-ITT, pre-Giro interview with her on Podium Café) – and of course last month I was working on the Friends Life Women’s Tour (you can listen to me talk about that here and here, and see all the videos I collected from the race on Podium Café), but I genuinely think we’re on an upwards wave at the moment.  The question is always “how do we keep moving in the right direction?” but it’s important to take a moment to be happy about what’s going well.

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Giro Rosa 2013 – Stage 7 Videos

The penultimate stage of the Giro already?  I’ll miss it so much!  It was the last road racing stage, and showed us some of the best sprint tactics in men’s or women’s racing.  I loved it!  My Podium Café race report, and Rider Reactions from ORICA’s Jessie Maclean, Hitec’s Elisa Longo Borghini and the best of twitter.

Videos below – including dancing riders!

The official video, with Marianne Vos in English, and translations of the Italians:

UPDATE! and Amber Pierce’s last video review of the stage, explaining the tactics ans the genius behind Rabobank’s sprinting

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Giro Rosa 2013 – Stage 5 videos

As predicted, Stage 5 was the stage where everything changed in the General Classification as the race hit the mountains. I wrote about the stage on Podium Café, and had a Q&A about the mountains with ORICA-AISJessie Maclean – click through and read them!

Here’s the RabosportTV video, with interviews with Roxane Knetemann, Megan Guarnier and Marianne Vos:

and here’s Amber Pierce‘s take on the stage – including tactical implications and what it’s really like in the grupetto:

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Giro Rosa 2013 – Stage 4 videos

July 4, 2013 3 comments

Stage 4 was kept firmly under control by Rabobank, and it all came down to an uphill sprint.  Read all about it on my race report, and my post-stage Q&A with Amanda Spratt and Loren Rowney – and Jens has written about what the next two stages mean for the race.

Here’s the endgame of the race – there’s the full hour-long coverage, and a lot more, including dancing riders, below…

Pro rider Amber Pierce gives a video review of Stage 4 from a pro-rider perspective, talking about tactics and stories from her own Giros:

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Giro Rosa – videos from Stage 1

Some videos for you from the Giro Rosa stage 1 – if you want my race report, head to Podium Café.

First, our friend Amber Pierce, who ridees for Pasta Zara-Cogeas, isn’t racing the Giro this year, but she’s making regular video reviews of the race.  Watch it, Amber’s awesome!

And the 6-minutes highlights from the race organisers:

UPDATE!  Stage 1 Video made by film-makers following Specialized-lululemon

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Click Thru Thurs – How to be a trendsetter

December 19, 2012 Leave a comment

As we approach the last week of the year and the 2nd last #ClickThruThurs of the year, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to think about what it all means. In case you’ve been in a coma (in which case, welcome back!) or for some reason been hiding under a rock (in which case, welcome back!) you probably already know about Amber Pierce’s brilliant initiative that encourages fans of women’s cycling to actively demonstrate their support for the sport.

Basically as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of this idea because it’s simple, direct and provides a clear, measurable outcome to those sites that are clicked. In short, it’s the perfect idea. More importantly it’s working. In measuring the simplest stats from twitter we can see that the #ClickThruThurs hashtag has been used hundreds of times in its first two weeks with an extended reach (i.e. all the people who could have seen it in their timeline) hitting a cumulative total of over 750,000 people. That’s some serious movement for the start of a new trend, so if you’ve been one of the people to get in at the start, good for you. You now have my permission to refer to yourself as a trendsetter. Best of all though, the extended reach more than doubled from week 1 to week 2. Thanks for getting my expectations up for week 3 internet!

However, this is only the start of the picture, as the point of this whole exercise is not simply to see #ClickThruThurs grow (that’s just a happy side-benefit), but to actively generate traffic, audience and engagement metrics for teams, sponsors and media outlets. In other words, to make our support of the sport much more visible and active than it has ever been before. (Not to say that you haven’t already been active, but let’s click it up a notch – yes, I made a pun, deal with it).

So as we prepare to enjoy the happiness that only a pre-Christmas #ClickThruThurs can bring, remember that clicking is better than voting because while your vote only counts once, every click matters.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and seeing what you’ve got for me to click on.


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