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Video from the 2014 Crescent Vårgårda TTT World Cup – and my race report

Round seven of the 2014 Road World Cup, and when you look at the results it might not seem like a surprise, but it really wasn’t a done deal at the time.  I wrote a report about it for Cyclingnews – please click through and read it!  And here’s the UCI’s video

More videos:

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FIVE women’s World Cup races this week – how to watch Méribel and Vårgårda 2014

August 20, 2014 2 comments

It’s a huge week of women’s cycling, with the final round of the MTB World Cup in Méribel, France, and two Road World Cups in Vårgårda, Sweden – and I’m here to tell you how you can watch all but one of them live.

Méribel MTB World Cup, 21st-24th August

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Podcast 2014 Episode 34 – Not That Kind Of Podcast!

August 13, 2014 3 comments

Podcast logoThis week we talk up a storm about the Ride London GP, the Route de France, Tour of Utah women’s race and a whole heap of mountain biking, BMX stuff, blogs, videos and… (much to his dismay) Dan’s love life. In Dan’s own words, this is our worst podcast ever (Sarah disagrees, she thinks it’s Brilliant!). And, as always, don’t forget to check out the veritable treasure trove of links, videos and things to look at below! (1:05:59 MIN / 63.35 MB)

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We love this blog by Chloe Hosking, on dealing with disappointment at the Commonwealth Games – every time she writes a blog we think “best blog ever”, and then she does it again!

This week’s racing

2014 Junior Track World Championships

  • All the results – and reports on the UCI site from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.
  • Australia’s Macey Stweart came away with three golds – here’s a Cycling Australia profile of her just before the Worlds

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Giorgia Bronzini’s on-bike film from the Prudential Ride London GP

August 12, 2014 4 comments

One of the things I’ve loved about the 2014 cycling season is seeing so much on-bike/Go Pro/helmetcam video footage from races – I’ve written about how much I love it, and rhapsodised about Marianne Vos’ bike-cam from La Course, and the Rachel Atherton-Manon Carpenter side-by-side downhill MTB runs (two here from the Leogang and Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cups), so of course I love this – film from Giorgia Bronzini’s bike at Sunday’s Prudential Ride London GP:

And there’s more! The Wiggle Honda race video includes footage from other riders’ bikes throughout the race too, as well as the usual rider interviews.  Love it!

There’s only one thing that would be better, and that would be if we could get the footage from Marianne Vos’ bike-cam put side-by-side with this, like the Manon-Rachel videos.  Vos did have a camera on her bike…  Oh my goodness, that would be amazing!  (Don’t worry, I’m happy enough with this!)

MTB videos and photos – 2014 Windham World Cup & Enduro at Crankworx Whistler

August 12, 2014 1 comment

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!  As always, videos and photos, and I love that….  BUT!  What is it with the UCI video clips?  I don’t know why, but the UCI World Cup promos are always full of crashes, and not the dramatic “OMG World Cup leader crashes and destroys her season” crashes that are necessary to the storyline, but “haha, watch this race, there’ll be loads of crashes to laugh at” that makes me roll my eyes – I mean, really?  And then their highlights videos always have tons of shots of attractive women in the crowds in short-shorts and so on, and I don’t get it at all – why is the governing body of the sport putting out videos where there are more clips of audience totty than of actual women racing?  It’s the same women flicking their hair in all three videos, too, and what are we, 1978?

At least there’s Red Bull, who have the superb race footage, great commentary and commission awesome videos from the Parkin Brothers, where the women are racing hard, jumping, battling and then talking about the actual race!  I swear, Red Bull does far more for MTB than the UCI!  And all the great stuff from teams, too, MTB really knows how to show their fans some love.


MTB World Cup #6 – Windham


Full race replay on Red Bull TV

Full results



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This weekend’s live women’s racing – Windham MTB World Cup & the Pridential Ride London GP

Continuing the summer theme of “OMG, there’s live women’s cycling to watch every weekend!”, I’m here to bring you news of what to watch this weekend – fantastic MTB action from the USA, and from London, a live crit featuring Marianne Vos, Giorgia Bronzini, Lizzie Armitstead, Tiffany Cromwell, Laura Trott, Katie Archibald and Dame Sarah Storey – and we can watch it all live!

Windham 2014 MTB World Cup #6, 7th-10th August

I know, it was only last weekend we had the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup, and we’re already heading south for the next one!  Windham is in New York State, and it’s looking a bit wet and very green so far.  Here’s how to watch all the live racing – click through the links to get a countdown to your timezone, race video, and after it’s over, the full coverage archived to watch again.)

  • Women’s and men’s Eliminator – Friday 7th August, Windham is in USA Eastern time, and the race starts 5:50 their time (10:50pm UK BST; 23:50 Euro CEST; 2:50pm USA PST; 7:50am Australian AEST)
  • Women’s and men’s Downhill – Saturday 8th August, 2:15pm EST (7:15pm BST; 20:15 CEST; 11:15am PST; 4:15am AEST)
  • Women’s Cross Country – Sunday 9th August, 12:45pm EST (5:45pm BST; 18:45 CEST; 9:45am PST; 2:45am Monday AEST)
  • Men’s Cross Country – Sunday 9th August, 3:15pm EST (8:15pm BST; 21:15 CEST; 12:15pm PST; 5:15am Monday AEST)

If you want to get into the mood, there are links to tons of videos and photos from Mont-Sainte-Anne in this week’s women’s cycling podcast post – scroll down past the road, and then keep going if you’d like to see some recent Enduro MTB too!

There’ll be fantastic pre-race coverage as usual, including practice runs and preview videos – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike, the UCI MTB World Cup facebook, Dirt Magazine (here’s their downhill preview and trackwalk gallery), Pinkbike (their trackwalk gallery), Vital MTB and of course, the race website and twitter.  Red Bull Bike already have some good stuff up – their live blog of rolling coverage, and Claudio Caluori’s superb-as-always GoPro preview of the downhill course – just wow! UPDATE!  And an awesome track preview with superstar Rachel Atherton

Two British Cycling video interviews about the cross country – Beth Crumpton and Alice Barnes.


Prudential Ride London GP, Saturday 8th August

I know, it’s really annoying that the “Olympic legacy” cycling London-Surrey race has a lovely long road race for the men over the 2012 Olympic road course, and no road race for the women, instead having a crit the day before, but in silver lining time, at least this will be streamed live.  It’s not UCI registered, but it has a great line-up with real stars, and we get to watch it all live – it will be on BBC2 from 5pm on Saturday (18:00 Euro CEST, 12pm USAEST, 9am USA PST and 2am Australian AEST), and streamed live on the cycling page of the BBC Sport website or on BBC iPlayer, and if you can’t see the BBC, there are likely to be solutions – try here or here, or something like Hola or Tunnelbear can help you watch the BBC stream.  And we’ll have a livestream on Podium Café on the day, where doubtless people will help find other options.

As it’s a crit, it’ll be an hour of racing round the 1.3 mile circuit around St James’ Park, finishing in front of Buckingham Palace.  Here’s the startlist and more information about everything happening over the weekend on the race website, facebook and twitter – I’ll be at the race and tweeting photos as @_pigeons_, if you’re down there, give me a shout!


As always, come back to the blog afterwards for any videos and things I find from the races – and remember, the next live women’s racing is the last round of the MTB World Cup in Méribel, France, 22nd-24th August, and the Open de Suède Vårgårda Road World Cup will be streamed live by Swedish tv, and, according to the UCI, on their Youtube – watch this space for more information nearer the time!

Podcast 2014 Episode 33 – Comrade Sarah and Global Politics

August 6, 2014 3 comments

Podcast logoIt’s a perilous episode this week as we discuss the Commonwealth Games ITT and Road Races in all their glory. Both races were quite significant to us, as they were the last time Emma Pooley would be racing at the top levels of the sport, representing England and (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!) bringing home medals. This week there was also the Sparkassen Giro World Cup in Germany, which provided a great spectacle in sprinting and we discuss the importance of last-ditch attacks in igniting races. Also the Mont-Sainte-Anne-Downhill MTB took place this week, and the racing was incredibly close with less than 1 second separating the podium places. There’s an amazing video in the links below that you should definitely watch as you listen. We also accidentally stray temporarily into the fraught world of global politics AND Sarah once again demonstrates her knowledge of North American geography. It’s a very long episode this week, so you may want to make sure you’ve got extra beer on hand before you press play. (1:49:43 MIN / 105.33 MB)

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If you only watch one video this week, watch thisManon Carpenter and Rachel Atherton‘s runs at the 2014 Mont-Sainte-Anne Downhill MTB World Cup, put side-by-side by Red Bull Bike – it’s fascinating, watching the difference in style, where they’re stronger, and how close the run was.  It’s a lovely thing to watch, and even better that they both let fans and rivals see the secrets of their runs.  We really, really love what Red Bull do!  More MSA videos below….

Last week’s racing

Read Sarah’s race reports on all this on Podium Café.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

ITT highlights on the BBC and on the Commonwealth Games youtube and another of their videos


and Road Race highlights on the BBC and on the Commie Games site – and we love Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio’s blog about the race.

(these may be geo-restricted for you, but like always, Hola or Tunnelbear can help you.)


Sparkassen Giro Road World Cup

Video from NOS Sportmore video from Wiggle Honda and WielerVideo video interviews after the race with Vale Scandolara, Romy Kasper and Ally Stacher on the Specialized-lululemon Project X initiative.

UPDATE! 26 mins video from the UCI, with profile of Lisa Brennauer

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Podcast 2014 Episode 32 – Now With Added Merchandise

July 31, 2014 12 comments

Podcast logo Hello cycling fans! This week’s episode Sarah and Dan are all La Course and La Awesome! Basically they’re a little bit excited about the racing, how it played out and all the amazing video and media and blogs and pictures and other things to come out of it. It’s fair to say they thought it was great. In addition to La Course, there’s some discussion of Emma Pooley’s imminent retirement from the sport (sad face) and there’s also a little bit of MTB, Commonwealth Games and BMX news to go around. We talk about one of the most interesting crowdfunding initiatives we’ve seen in the cycling space for a long time (and how you can help!), and what we think its chances of succeeding are. Also, speaking of success, we have a pretty exciting announcement of our own to make about the future of everything (but most specifically about the future of us, here, together, right now). Intrigued? You better be! (1:09:43 MIN / 65.37 MB)

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We’ve got a new line of merchandise-y sort of things including (but not limited to!) stickers, cards, tshirts, cushions(!), phone covers, iPad covers and tote bags, all available via the site Redbubble:

Sometimes someone is just so dominating in a race it defies belief. Sometimes a whole team is so dominant it’s hard to find the words to describe it. That’s why we’ve found the words for you. When you need to explain that you really did just go “Stompity stompity stomp” all over the peloton.

Stompity Stompity Stomp

Sometimes Dan’s a little overwhelmed by all that’s happening in the world of women’s cycling. Sometimes he’s a little overwhelmed by the refusal of races to show footage (Flèche Wallonne, we’re looking at you here!). Sometimes he’s just thirsty, but a lot of the time he’s in need of more whisky. Now you can toast along too.


If you’ve ever heard our podcast, you know that Sarah loves to repeat our URL with a certain relish. Now you can always be reminded of where to get your pro women’s cycling fix!


If you know Sarah at all, you know she only has room in her heart for one rider and that rider is “ALL OF THEM!!!!”

This design celebrates Sarah’s inspiring capacity for love.


Dan was shocked to learn that women aren’t the only people who race bikes. Obviously men’s racing just hasn’t got to the level where it’s interesting enough to catch his attention yet.


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Watch the 2014 Mont-Sainte-Anne MTB World Cup live

It’s been a while since we had a MTB World Cup, and now we’ve got 2 in quick succession – Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada, this week and Windham in the USA next.  Here’s the Mont-Sainte-Anne trailer

Click through the links below for the streams – before they start, there’ll be a ticker to count down to the start time, and after the races the full coverage will be archived there.

  • Women’s and men’s Eliminator, Friday 1st August.  Mont-Sainte-Anne is in the EDT timezone, and the race starts 5:50pm there (10:50pm UK BST; 23:50 Euro CEST; 2:50pm USA PST, 7:50am Saturday Aus AEST)
  • Women’s and men’s Downhill, Saturday 2nd August, 2:15pm EDT (7:15pm UK BST; 20:15 Euro CEST, 11:15am USA PST and 4:15am Sunday Aus AEST)
  • Women’s Cross Country, Sunday 3rd August 12:45pm EST (5:45 UK BST, 18:45 Euro CEST, 9:45am USA PST and 2:45am Monday Aus AEST)
  • Men’s Cross Country, Sunday 3rd August, 12:45pm EST (5:45 UK BST, 18:45 Euro CEST, 9:45am USA PST and 2:45am Monday Aus AEST)

Like always, there’ll be all sorts of action before the finals, including practice runs and preview videos – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike, the UCI MTB World Cup facebook, Dirt Magazine , (here’s their preview), Pinkbike, Vital MTB and of course, the race website.

To get you in the mood, here are the videos I found last year, and here’s a lovely Red Bull video profile of young Welsh Downhill star Manon Carpenter.

UPDATE!  And here’s the awesome helmetcam preview of the Downhill course by the always entertaining Claudio Caluori, on Red Bull Bike. And fun bikecam preview of the XCo course by Catharine Pendrel

Podcast 2014 EXCLUSIVE Special Feature – Sarah Interviews Emma Pooley About Retirement

July 29, 2014 6 comments

Huge news broke today as Emma Pooley announced that she’ll be retiring from pro cycling, and Sunday’s Commonwealth Games road race will be her last big race before she be moves to long course triathlon and mountain running.  As you can imagine, we’ll be so disappointed to see her leave, but we hope her all the best for the future.

Before the announcement Emma spoke exclusively with Sarah in an interview for Rouleur.  Please head through and read it for the full story on the thinking behind Emma’s decision, why she wanted to make the announcement now and what her memories of the sport will be.

In an additional exclusive for us, you can hear Sarah’s full conversation with Emma here.(right-click, save-as to download)

(please excuse all the background noise and the times the call dropped out – the life of a bike rider means using whatever internet connection you can find). (1:11:08 MIN / 68.31 MB)

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Follow Emma on her adventures in triathlon, and send her a tweet on her twitter, especially if you know a publisher who can help her achieve her cookbook dreams! Watch her race the Commonwealth Games ITT on Thursday 31st July, and the Road Race on Sunday 3rd August – here’s a guide to watching the races.

You can read about the Le Tour Entier campaign to get La Course by Le Tour de France, which Pooley was an integral part of, on the LTE website and twitter – and make Emma happy by tweeting the UCI to ask for more women’s races and email the ASO to ask for more women’s racing in Le Tour.

Here are some of our favourite Emma Pooley moments:

The final 6km in the 2010 GP Plouay World Cup (Pooley’s the short rider in the GB kit – Marianne Vos is in the white World Cup leader’s jersey)

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