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How to watch Sarah Storey’s Hour Record LIVE! and follow the 2015 Omloop het Nieuwsblad live-ish

February 28, 2015 Leave a comment

Wow, what a packed Saturday!  The Omloop het Nieuwsblad is the first race of the European road cycling season, and the first of the Spring Classics (cobbles! sharp climbs! crowds of fans! appalling weather!) – and at the same time, Dame Sarah Storey is the first woman to attempt the Hour Record under the UCI’s latest set of rules.  Let’s start with the best news – you can watch that LIVE!

She’s attempting it at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London, as part of the Revolution Series on Saturday 28th February and the stream starts at 2:50pm GMT (15:50 Europe CET; 1:50 in the morning Australian AEDT; 9:50am North American EST).  Read more about her attempt here, and if you want to watch the rest of the Revolution afterwards, it’ll stream live on Youtube.

Dame Sarah Storey is the most incredible Paralympian, who started off swimming before ear infections took her out of the pool and onto the bike.  She was 3rd in last year’s able-bodied ITT National Championships, and she races on the UK roads with the team she and her husband Barney run, Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International.  There are a ton of articles out there about her this week  – start with the BBC’s video and the Guardian, and of course, check out her site and follow her twitter and her team twitterUPDATE! And Roadcc have a video too – and check out her bike on Road Cycling UK.


Omloop het Niewsblad

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How to watch the 2015 Track Cycling World Championships – LIVE!

February 17, 2015 6 comments

The 2015 Track World Championships are very important, as we’re definitely in the zone for preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and riders need the points to qualify.  This year the competition runs from 18th-22nd February, in Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines, France.  And as well as the fabulous racing, we should get some really great coverage, including, for the first time ever, on-bike camera action…

I’ll tell you all about how to watch the racing, and when it’s not being streamed, how to follow all the action, as well as how to find more background information on riders, teams and more.

So, how can we watch live?

Start with the UCI’s official tv guide, which tells you if there’ll be live tv or streaming in your country and when.  If you don’t have tv, you should be able to see the UCI’s own feeds of the evening sessions – click the links to get to the UCI youtube live pages, which will also be the place to see the full replays.

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Shirt week! How to buy 2015 women’s team kits

February 9, 2015 1 comment

I do love my traditions, and one of them is running an early season voting thread to see which of the women’s top-tier pro team kits people like best.  This is what people thought last year, and I’ve just launched the 2015 peloton version here on Podium Café - click through and vote!  UPDATE!  And by popular demand, the voting post for the “best of the rest”! The posts are full of photos and videos of team launches and the kits in action, and the comments section has more kits people love (or don’t!) – but what if you want to wear some of the top tier 2015 women’s cycling team kits?  Well, here’s the simple guide to what’s available and how to buy it. Obviously it’s not all the teams, but if more teams open shops, I’ll definitely let you know.

(Want to buy 2014 kits?  I have posts about the Euro pro peloton, USA teams and UK kits)


No team shop yet, but if you want this kit, they say it’ll be available soon – maybe sign up to their newsletter so you’ll see as soon as it’s up.


Matrix Procycling

They’re a UCI team for the the first time this year, and while their first batch of pre-order kits have already sold out, they’ll be re-opening the ordering in March.  If you want a closer look, check out the jersey and bibshorts on Milltag.


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Videos & more from the 2015 Ladies Tour of Qatar

February 7, 2015 1 comment

That was a weird edition of the Ladies Tour of Qatar…  no Kirsten Wild, and more importantly, no wind on some days, and only headwinds on others, but we did have some classic Qatar action.  Here are the videos, blogs, photos and links I’ve found….

Stage 1

Wind-free Qatar?  Really?  At least we have the full video:


Gracie Elvin‘s PoV:

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Valentina Scandolara’s video diaries

February 5, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve always really loved riders’ social media, and how we get such interesting, fun, new views from cyclists and teams.  And I’ve always been a fan of Vale Scandolara (listen to my podcast interview with her!), so Vale putting up video diaries on her youtube was always going to make me happy.  Watch her videos from before the Ladies Tour of Qatar, and after Stage 2:

I’m especially pleased, because in that interview, I asked her to take a selfie with a camel, and she made a video selfie!  Here’s her photo too:

For more videos of rider views of Qatar, check out Vale’s ORICA-AIS team-mate Gracie Elvin‘s fantastic youtube channel, and the Wiggle Honda videos.  And if you want to watch the final stage live tomorrow, I have a guide.

Sarah interviews… Tiffany Cromwell and Loren Rowney in Qatar! Podcast 2015, episode 4

February 3, 2015 1 comment

Podcast interview logoIt’s the first big road race of 2015, the Ladies Tour of Qatar, and I caught up with Velocio-SRAM riders Tiffany Cromwell and Loren Rowney, as they relaxed in their gorgeous hotel room before Stage 1.  They told me about what the race is like to ride, how the Aussie racing has been, their hopes for the season and a lot more.

You can follow them via their social media, of course – Tiffany has her website, twitter and instagram, and Loren has her twitter and instagram – and of course you can find out more about them at the Velocio-SRAM website. (31.11 MIN / 29.94 MB)

To stream the sandiest interview of the day, click here (right-click, save-as to download).

Subscribe for automated updates from the iTunes store here or via our RSS feed here.

If you want to watch the live streams from the Ladies Tour of Qatar, and find more information on the race, I have a guide here.  And finally, keep an eye on the Cyclingnews youtube for Tiffany’s video diaries – here’s her first one:

Huge thanks as always to my wonderful Patreon supporters, who fund me to do these interviews and much more – I really appreciate you all!

How to watch the 2015 Ladies Tour of Qatar Live! Or at least, we hope…

February 2, 2015 2 comments

So the 2015 Ladies Tour of Qatar starts tomorrow and runs 3rd-6th February, and this post is a bit of a leap of faith, because while Marty MacDonald and Ottilie Quince are telling us they’ll be commentating live, on BeIn Sports, it’s not showing up on any tv guide, so we have no idea of the channel or the time or anything like that.  I’ll update this tomorrow after Stage 1 with more information when presumably something will have happened, but tonight this is the slightly depressed hopeful guide…

It’s not all bad news though – this is exactly what happened last year, and we ended up with around half an hour of each stage streamed live, with a ton of streams to help us watch.  So here’s my guess on what to do.  But first, 2 very different, but both fun pre-race videos, from Vale Scandolara and ORICA-AIS, and from Wiggle Honda:

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