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Giorgia Bronzini’s on-bike film from the Prudential Ride London GP

August 12, 2014 4 comments

One of the things I’ve loved about the 2014 cycling season is seeing so much on-bike/Go Pro/helmetcam video footage from races – I’ve written about how much I love it, and rhapsodised about Marianne Vos’ bike-cam from La Course, and the Rachel Atherton-Manon Carpenter side-by-side downhill MTB runs (two here from the Leogang and Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cups), so of course I love this – film from Giorgia Bronzini’s bike at Sunday’s Prudential Ride London GP:

And there’s more! The Wiggle Honda race video includes footage from other riders’ bikes throughout the race too, as well as the usual rider interviews.  Love it!

There’s only one thing that would be better, and that would be if we could get the footage from Marianne Vos’ bike-cam put side-by-side with this, like the Manon-Rachel videos.  Vos did have a camera on her bike…  Oh my goodness, that would be amazing!  (Don’t worry, I’m happy enough with this!)

MTB videos and photos – 2014 Windham World Cup & Enduro at Crankworx Whistler

August 12, 2014 1 comment

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!  As always, videos and photos, and I love that….  BUT!  What is it with the UCI video clips?  I don’t know why, but the UCI World Cup promos are always full of crashes, and not the dramatic “OMG World Cup leader crashes and destroys her season” crashes that are necessary to the storyline, but “haha, watch this race, there’ll be loads of crashes to laugh at” that makes me roll my eyes – I mean, really?  And then their highlights videos always have tons of shots of attractive women in the crowds in short-shorts and so on, and I don’t get it at all – why is the governing body of the sport putting out videos where there are more clips of audience totty than of actual women racing?  It’s the same women flicking their hair in all three videos, too, and what are we, 1978?

At least there’s Red Bull, who have the superb race footage, great commentary and commission awesome videos from the Parkin Brothers, where the women are racing hard, jumping, battling and then talking about the actual race!  I swear, Red Bull does far more for MTB than the UCI!  And all the great stuff from teams, too, MTB really knows how to show their fans some love.


MTB World Cup #6 – Windham


Full race replay on Red Bull TV

Full results



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This weekend’s live women’s racing – Windham MTB World Cup & the Pridential Ride London GP

Continuing the summer theme of “OMG, there’s live women’s cycling to watch every weekend!”, I’m here to bring you news of what to watch this weekend – fantastic MTB action from the USA, and from London, a live crit featuring Marianne Vos, Giorgia Bronzini, Lizzie Armitstead, Tiffany Cromwell, Laura Trott, Katie Archibald and Dame Sarah Storey – and we can watch it all live!

Windham 2014 MTB World Cup #6, 7th-10th August

I know, it was only last weekend we had the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup, and we’re already heading south for the next one!  Windham is in New York State, and it’s looking a bit wet and very green so far.  Here’s how to watch all the live racing – click through the links to get a countdown to your timezone, race video, and after it’s over, the full coverage archived to watch again.)

  • Women’s and men’s Eliminator – Friday 7th August, Windham is in USA Eastern time, and the race starts 5:50 their time (10:50pm UK BST; 23:50 Euro CEST; 2:50pm USA PST; 7:50am Australian AEST)
  • Women’s and men’s Downhill – Saturday 8th August, 2:15pm EST (7:15pm BST; 20:15 CEST; 11:15am PST; 4:15am AEST)
  • Women’s Cross Country – Sunday 9th August, 12:45pm EST (5:45pm BST; 18:45 CEST; 9:45am PST; 2:45am Monday AEST)
  • Men’s Cross Country – Sunday 9th August, 3:15pm EST (8:15pm BST; 21:15 CEST; 12:15pm PST; 5:15am Monday AEST)

If you want to get into the mood, there are links to tons of videos and photos from Mont-Sainte-Anne in this week’s women’s cycling podcast post – scroll down past the road, and then keep going if you’d like to see some recent Enduro MTB too!

There’ll be fantastic pre-race coverage as usual, including practice runs and preview videos – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike, the UCI MTB World Cup facebook, Dirt Magazine (here’s their downhill preview and trackwalk gallery), Pinkbike (their trackwalk gallery), Vital MTB and of course, the race website and twitter.  Red Bull Bike already have some good stuff up – their live blog of rolling coverage, and Claudio Caluori’s superb-as-always GoPro preview of the downhill course – just wow! UPDATE!  And an awesome track preview with superstar Rachel Atherton

Two British Cycling video interviews about the cross country – Beth Crumpton and Alice Barnes.


Prudential Ride London GP, Saturday 8th August

I know, it’s really annoying that the “Olympic legacy” cycling London-Surrey race has a lovely long road race for the men over the 2012 Olympic road course, and no road race for the women, instead having a crit the day before, but in silver lining time, at least this will be streamed live.  It’s not UCI registered, but it has a great line-up with real stars, and we get to watch it all live – it will be on BBC2 from 5pm on Saturday (18:00 Euro CEST, 12pm USAEST, 9am USA PST and 2am Australian AEST), and streamed live on the cycling page of the BBC Sport website or on BBC iPlayer, and if you can’t see the BBC, there are likely to be solutions – try here or here, or something like Hola or Tunnelbear can help you watch the BBC stream.  And we’ll have a livestream on Podium Café on the day, where doubtless people will help find other options.

As it’s a crit, it’ll be an hour of racing round the 1.3 mile circuit around St James’ Park, finishing in front of Buckingham Palace.  Here’s the startlist and more information about everything happening over the weekend on the race website, facebook and twitter – I’ll be at the race and tweeting photos as @_pigeons_, if you’re down there, give me a shout!


As always, come back to the blog afterwards for any videos and things I find from the races – and remember, the next live women’s racing is the last round of the MTB World Cup in Méribel, France, 22nd-24th August, and the Open de Suède Vårgårda Road World Cup will be streamed live by Swedish tv, and, according to the UCI, on their Youtube – watch this space for more information nearer the time!

Watch the 2014 Mont-Sainte-Anne MTB World Cup live

It’s been a while since we had a MTB World Cup, and now we’ve got 2 in quick succession – Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada, this week and Windham in the USA next.  Here’s the Mont-Sainte-Anne trailer

Click through the links below for the streams – before they start, there’ll be a ticker to count down to the start time, and after the races the full coverage will be archived there.

  • Women’s and men’s Eliminator, Friday 1st August.  Mont-Sainte-Anne is in the EDT timezone, and the race starts 5:50pm there (10:50pm UK BST; 23:50 Euro CEST; 2:50pm USA PST, 7:50am Saturday Aus AEST)
  • Women’s and men’s Downhill, Saturday 2nd August, 2:15pm EDT (7:15pm UK BST; 20:15 Euro CEST, 11:15am USA PST and 4:15am Sunday Aus AEST)
  • Women’s Cross Country, Sunday 3rd August 12:45pm EST (5:45 UK BST, 18:45 Euro CEST, 9:45am USA PST and 2:45am Monday Aus AEST)
  • Men’s Cross Country, Sunday 3rd August, 12:45pm EST (5:45 UK BST, 18:45 Euro CEST, 9:45am USA PST and 2:45am Monday Aus AEST)

Like always, there’ll be all sorts of action before the finals, including practice runs and preview videos – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike, the UCI MTB World Cup facebook, Dirt Magazine , (here’s their preview), Pinkbike, Vital MTB and of course, the race website.

To get you in the mood, here are the videos I found last year, and here’s a lovely Red Bull video profile of young Welsh Downhill star Manon Carpenter.

UPDATE!  And here’s the awesome helmetcam preview of the Downhill course by the always entertaining Claudio Caluori, on Red Bull Bike. And fun bikecam preview of the XCo course by Catharine Pendrel

Wow! Marianne Vos’ on-bike video from la Course by Le Tour de France

July 29, 2014 7 comments

I’ll be hunting out video from La Course – the women’s Champs Elysées race on the final stage of the Tour de France, but until then, check this out – video from the camera on Marianne Vos‘ bike.  Look at that Rabo-Liv lead-out train in the beginning, and then how she stole a ride from Specialized-lululemon‘s Lisa Brennauer!

here’s another Rabo La Course video – the sounds of Paris.  Of course, if you find videos of the race, please let me know in the comments or on twitter - and here’s a gallery of photos on Podium Café.

If you loved La Course by Le Tour de France and want to see more live women’s cycling….

Here’s what’s coming up next in live women’s road cycling:

  • Commonwealth Games – 31st July the ITT and 3rd August the Road Race.  I’ve got the full guide to watching the races here – but there should be streams, hopefully.
  • Sparkassen Giro, 3rd August – the 5th round of the Road World Cup – it’s not live but we can follow on twitter, and there’ll be a 20min UCI videos from the race within a week.
  • Prudential Ride London, 9th August – women’s crit race, Armitstead v Vos on the Mall in London, shown live on the BBC, so there should be streams too.
  • Open de Suède Vårgårda World Cups – the team time trial World Cup on 22nd August won’t be live, but the World Cup road race on 24th August will be streamed by Swedish tv, so hopefully we can watch it live, because it’s a hilly lap race, can be won in all sorts of ways.
  • GP de Plouay, 30th August – the final round of the Road World Cup, and it’s usually streamed live by French tv – always a superb race.
  • Road World Championships, 21st-27th September, there are almost always some streams.

That’s what we should see live – there should be lots of videos in the intervening races too – I love the CyclingFever calendar for their great information, and Velofocus for race previews.  I’ll be putting posts up about how to watch the road and the MTB live nearer each race – here’s the section for that – and you can see videos I find from the races with the video tag.  And for more advice on how to follow women’s racing as it happens, here’s a guide I wrote.

Help support Specialized-lululemon – the Velocio Sports Project X

This is a really interesting project – as Specialized-lululemon‘s sponsorship deals with Specialized and lululemon come to an end, team boss Kristy Scrymgeour is planning a new way of funding the team, and engaging fans in growing women’s cycling at the same time.  She’s set up an indiegogo fundraiser to try to raise $700,000 – and just donating a dollar makes you part of the Velociosports club, with more perks including t-shirts, jerseys the chance to talk to and ride with team members, and legend Ina-Yoko Teutenberg.  Click through and read all about it, and in this article on Bicycling Magazine’s site – and if you can, please donate.  The fundraiser runs until 5th September, and I’ll be watching it with interest!

Oh, and if you need further persuading, check out this team video, with Carmen Small and the team demonstrating echelons and pacelines, using attack biscuits….

Watch La Course by Le Tour de France, live!

July 24, 2014 11 comments

On Sunday 27th July it’ll be one of the most talked-about women’s races of the year, and probably the easiest race to watch live since the 2012 Olympic Games – La Course by le Tour de France.

The race is up and down the Champs Elysées, 89km, 13 laps of the 6.85 kilometre course, on the cobbles, with 2 corners at one end:

Velofocus has a race previous with streetview of the route.

It starts at 12:50 French time, CEST (11:50am UK BST; 8:50pm Aus AEST, 6:50am USA EST, 3:50am USA PST) and is due to finish around 2 hours later.  It will be shown live on a huge range of tv stations worldwide – 153 countries covered – and you can find the broadcasters at the bottom of the La Course page – or in this graphic:

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Watch the 2014 BMX World Championships live!

July 23, 2014 2 comments

The BMX World Champs are on this week in Rotterdam – and one of the great things about these Champs is they have races for tons of age groups, from 5 years old – and the elite finals will be streamed live on 27th July, on Red Bull tv and on the UCI youtube, and archived in the same places afterwards

The stream will start at 14:20 CEST (1:20pm UK BST, 8:20am USA EST and 10:20pm Aus AEST) (click through for a countdown to when it starts in your timezone) – and if you know anything about Dan and me, you’ll know we’ll be cheering for Caroline Buchanan to win again!  More info on the race website., facebook and follow their twitter, where they’ll be adding all the results of the other competitions as they happen – and here’s the competition promo:


Commonwealth Games 2014 – how to watch the cycling live

July 23, 2014 12 comments

The Commonwealth Games are something that are pretty specific, but if you’re not a Commonwealth country, Glasgow 2014 will still be a lot of fun to watch – and it’s live cycling, which is always great, especially for track fans, despite the lack of parity, and I’ll tell you how to watch it.  Aschwin Kruders of WielerVideo asked Lizzie Armitstead and Gracie Elvin to explain the Games

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