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Watch the 2014 BMX World Championships live!

The BMX World Champs are on this week in Rotterdam – and one of the great things about these Champs is they have races for tons of age groups, from 5 years old – and the elite finals will be streamed live, on Red Bull tv and on the UCI youtube, and archived in the same places afterwards

The stream will start at 14:20 CEST (1:20pm UK BST, 8:20am USA EST and 11:20pm Aus AEST) on 27th July (click through for a countdown to when it starts in your timezone) – and if you know anything about Dan and me, you’ll know we’ll be cheering for Caroline Buchanan to win again!  More info on the race website., facebook and follow their twitter – and here’s the competition promo:


Commonwealth Games 2014 – how to watch the cycling live

July 23, 2014 1 comment

The Commonwealth Games are something that are pretty specific, but if you’re not a Commonwealth country, Glasgow 2014 will still be a lot of fun to watch – and it’s live cycling, which is always great, especially for track fans, despite the lack of parity, and I’ll tell you how to watch it.  Aschwin Kruders of WielerVideo asked Lizzie Armitstead and Gracie Elvin to explain the Games

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Video! Stage 9, Giro Rosa 2014

July 14, 2014 10 comments

I can’t believe this year’s race is over – such pangs of withdrawal symptoms, but wow, what a race to finish on.  First of all you need to read the blogs about the early parts of the stage, from Chloe Hosking, and from Tiffany Cromwell on CyclingTips – and then you MUST read Marijn de Vries’ blog on the Madonna del Ghisallo climb, it’s such an evocative piece. (Although they all three give away the ending :-) )Now you can watch the videos.  If you want, you can read my race report on Podium Café, but the hour-long highlights have pretty much the entire of the Ghisallo climb:

and this is adorable – Rabobank-Liv asked all the 2014 Giro Donne stage winners to thank Astoria for the prosecco they enjoyed on the podium

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Video – Stage 8, Giro Rosa 2014 – the Queen stage

July 13, 2014 3 comments

The penultimate stage of the race, and the biggest mountain stage this year – just what we like!  And it was action all the way up that climb, and a return to a competition we haven’t seen since 2010….  so who WOULD be crowned the best climber in the peloton?

My race report is over on Podium Café, and I have a Q&A with 2 of the major players, but I’ll put that below the videos so it’s not a spoiler…..  Here’s the race highlights, with interviews (including Mara Abbott and Emma Pooley in English)

and here’s the hour of tv coverage, including most of that final climb

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Videos – 2014 Giro Rosa Stage 7

July 12, 2014 1 comment

It started with a 13km neutralised descent, & if you think that sounds easy, you should read Marijn de Vries’ blog about it.  You should read that anyway, she’s great, and then read the other two blogs from the stage – Tiffany Cromwell on CyclingTips and Chloe Hosking on Cyclingnews (I especially liked her analogy about teasing her dog!)

I wrote a bit of a race report on Podium Café, but here are all the videos I like, and more photos and such – starting with the Rabobank-Liv highlights, describing the stage before, showing some action, and interviews afterwards.

and the full half-hour highlights

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Shirt Week! Marianne Vos in Lego edition!

July 11, 2014 2 comments

If you’ve ever asked the question “what would Marianne Vos look like if she was made of Lego?”, the Velocast boys have exactly the t-shirt for you!  I’m not sure there’s anything more I can say about this, I’m laughing too much – but I love it!  If you do too, click through and you can order one for yourself and Vos- and Lego-lovers everywhere.

Videos! Giro Rosa 2014 Stage 6

July 11, 2014 2 comments

Oh my goodness, “watching” Stage 6 – the first mountain stage – was so nail-biting, just from twitter – big early attacks, breakaways, solo-ing and one of those endings where the gap is plummeting as the kilometres tick down….  Wow!  My race report is over on Podium Café – but here are the videos I’ve found.

the race highlights, with interviews (including in English)

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Videos! Stage 5, Giro Rosa 2014

July 10, 2014 1 comment

It was the last day before the mountains start – fast, fast, fast.  Before you do anything else, read Chloe Hosking’s blog about it, it gives a really great insight into how team tactics work, and what it’s like inside the sprint.

My race report is on Podium Café, but here are videos and links I liked from the stage.

Full hour of highlights from Italian tv - and 15 mins race highlights from the race organisers, with English interviews with Evie Stevens and Marianne Vos

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Giro Rosa 2014 – Videos from Stage 4

July 9, 2014 1 comment

It was a day of headwinds, with an escape from Yulia Ilinykh that nearly made it, and then one of those endings with a premature celebration….  you have to watch and look at the photos – and here are 2 great descriptions of the stage from Tiffany Cromwell on CyclingTips, and Chloe Hosking on CyclingnewsHere’s Jens’ race report on Podium Café, and the videos & links I like below.

The full hour tv highlights – the finish starts winding up around the 46-minute mark

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Videos from Stage 3 of the 2014 Giro Rosa

July 8, 2014 1 comment

One thing we’ve got used to with the Giro Rosa roadbook is how there are “surprise” climbs, random extra 20 kilometres in a stage, “flat” that is anything but.  So after a night-time prologue, and “easy” Stage 1, “for the sprinters” that was anything but, an “easy” Stage 2 that was made hard by the road surface, what would happen in Stage 3, billed as the first “hard” stage, one for the GC contenders, that would change everything in the rankings?  My race report is on Podium Café, but here are the videos and some links I liked.

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