Podcast 2017 Episode 36 – It Could Be Like Giorgia Bronzini

This is a significant episode for us, as this week we are announcing the end of our regular podcast series. We talk through the reasons behind our decision to take a step back, what’s changed over the nearly six years we’ve been doing this and also reminisce about some of our favourite things. This is a positive episode and we’ll really love for you to share it with us. Thanks for listening, we hope you’ve had as much fun as we have. (53.30 MIN / 48.99 MB)

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 2017 Episode 36 – It Could Be Like Giorgia Bronzini

  1. Couldn’t adequately reduce down to a tweet. Sincere thank you for all your hard work over the years. The praise and gratitude you will continue to receive from riders, fans and industry is richly deserved.
    I do hope the mainstream, cycling coverage and media will pick up your baton as agitators and not purely report on races and rider interviews. So the minimum wage issue, sexism, inequality, the fact La Course and the ‘Madrid-round-and-round’ [1] aren’t really a substitute for a women’s TDF or Vuelta stage race. There are ways journalists can bang the drum about those issues in mainstream TV and press without scaring sponsors or governance.
    Also want to say well done for coverage of juniors – the exploits of younger riders has never been something that’s been buried away by this podcast or in your articles and that’s hugely impressive.
    Thank you again
    [1] Sorry I couldn’t remember the name and resisted googling

  2. What…?? No more “frozen eyeballs”?? Mara-gate polemica?? No more “TTT-TTTTTTTTT”??? What is this world coming to?? ;P 😉

    Seriously, as Vos said in her tweet – thank YOU, Sarah!!! Much luuuv to both of ya!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I’ve just listened to the last podcast and want to say a massive thank you to you and Dan. I fell in love with cycling just three years ago and you have played such a huge part in my getting to know and understand women’s cycling. Your passion, energy and enthusiasm and tireless work to bring cycling to the fans has been incredible, and I have so appreciated it. I will really miss listening to you and Dan every week! Women’s cycling owes you an immense debt of gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The podcast and everything else, well, it’s been a beautiful thing. You’ve brought me a lot of joy, and I thank you for that. All the best for whatever you do next, to you and Dan. xxxxxx

  4. Sarah, my English is not good enough to understand your podcast but, I read your interview in Ella Cycling and, well, we can only thank you for all the work you’ve done all these years, for cycling and for the fans. Of course, the mainstream media are not going to do the work that you have been doing, because you talk about life around cycling, and not just racing. I understand your decision but, I hope to hear from you soon, here or anywhere else.

    Wish you the best Sarah. Thank you very much!

  5. I will miss your podcasts! I don’t know how I’m gong to clean my house, because I only like doing it when I’m listening to your podcasts. You are the best cycling reporter and most fun to listen too! Best of luck with your new free time. Cammie

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