2012 Unofficial, Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey

We wanted to provide a permanent home to pay tribute to all our generous donors and to immortalise our various winners of our 2012 Social Media awards. This is the very first year we’ve run this (may there be many, many more) and it’s been an amazing success, far surpassing our modest goals and promising for a great future.

First of all I’d like to thank every single person who donated to make our prizes a reality. You’ve made a bigger contribution and difference to more people than you likely realise:

M2 Sports, Roy, Shauna Smash, Kelvin, Graeme, Pelotonitis Podcast, Mike, John, Dave, Inkyotter, Lan-Lan, GiroJenny, James, Shaun, James, Patrick, Mary, Cristofer, Total Cycle Coach, Mark, Nadya, Dave, Jens, Roger, Monique, Anon Anon, Bunroo, anonymous, Koji, Josh, Rochelle, Scott, chad, Phil, Will, Mark, Amy, Bartel, Stefan, antoine, Michael, Barbara, Bob, Eric, Katarina, Marianne, Muk, Genevieve, yukie, Malanie, Sean, accidentobizaro, Alex M, Alex N, Simon, Matthew, Luke, Michael, Lloyd, Katherine, Nick, Neil, Anna, Stephen, Matt, Cathy, Isabel, Lisa, Ian, Kath, Susan, Paul, Robert, donator, Bobby, Andrew, ali, Laura, Richard, Ben, Jeremy, Richard A, Janet, Rich, Lower Merion Velo Aces, ameroogle, Caroline, Joacim, VirtKitty, Steev, Vikki and Jayson.

(for the sake of some anonymity, I’ve used first names only unless a pseudonym was used by the person involved. If you’d like me to change/remove your name email us at prowomenscycling[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll edit accordingly)

So thank you one and all for your generous contributions and participation!

We’ll also be compiling photos and tweets or blogs from our prize winners here so they can be stored for all eternity. More to come soon.


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